What do Accountants Love Most about Their Jobs?

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Accountants are often portrayed as stressed, number-crunching individuals who spend hours on end rifling through spreadsheets sitting behind a desk. Realistically, many accountants are happy with their jobs and find enjoyment working in the accounting industry. In fact, many accountants boast a love for the job they do on a daily basis.

Working with numbers is a key element of a position within the accounting industry; however, what many accountants love most about their jobs is the opportunity to problem solve, suggests Cheri O'Neil with Robert Half Finance and Accounting. In a study conducted by Robert Half, 41 percent of accountants actively working in accounting jobs were polled and revealed they experience the most job satisfaction when solving financial challenges within the businesses they work for, whereas 22 percent said working with numbers is the most satisfying aspect of the job.

Some accountants enjoy the opportunity to make strategic recommendations for businesses based on financial performance. The need for a knowledgeable accountant to analyze profits, losses and cost-saving measures is invaluable for a company's growth and development.

People who work in the accounting industry may also enjoy learning new software and technologies that simplify accounting procedures and processes. As new programs and online expense-tracking apps evolve, accountants are able to automate many processes that were previously performed manually. It can be exciting for accountants to utilize technology to streamline financial information for multiple clients.

Accountants have the option to work individually, or they can choose to collaborate with others when problem-solving. In the accounting industry, the option to work solo without distractions can be a productive method when focusing on a client, whereas group projects may be an appropriate change of pace when deadlines are looming. Many accountants love having the option to choose their preferred working style, especially when they own their own accounting practice.

Working as an accountant can also be glamorous when handling high-profile clients. Hedge fund accountants, corporate accounting jobs and mutual fund accountants have the potential to earn up to six figures annually. Unlike some tax accountants, hedge fund, corporate and mutual fund accountants often have even-keeled hours with year-round employment as opposed to long work days during income tax filing season. Although the hours may be long, many accountants enjoy reaping the financial benefits of their hard work in high-dollar positions within the accounting industry.

The benefits of work as an accountant may not be well-known with rankings as the most glamorous job, but many people who work in the accounting industry enjoy the problem solving, the opportunity to work with numbers and the ability to make strategic recommendations that can impact companies. Supportive colleagues, appreciative clients and monetary bonuses are valuable benefits, too.

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