What is the Career Growth for an Administrative Assistant?

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Administrative assistants fill a wide assortment of different roles in offices across the nation. Not only is a career as an assistant a fulfilling and interesting option, but many job hunters appreciate the administrative assistant growth potential. Unlike some careers that offer little room for advancement, an adept and experienced administrative worker can anticipate opportunities for pay rises, promotions and additional responsibilities over the course of time.

Small businesses and major corporations alike utilize the services of administrative workers to complete everyday tasks, address the office's needs and interact with clients. The vast scope of these workers career options factors greatly into assistant growth potential. Because so many companies utilize the services of these professionals, many assistants find it easy to secure work in a field that interests them.

While administrative workers provide vital assistance in the workplace, the changing face of modern technology has an impact on the number of assistant roles available. New technology does not necessarily hamper assistant growth potential, but it does make it necessary for professionals to continue growing their technological skills. Keeping abreast with the latest developments in office technology allows assistants to remain invaluable for the firms that employ them.

Additionally, it is important for administrative workers to remember that freelancing professionals now hold clout in some industries, as many of these workers can complete administrative tasks remotely for a lower wage. In order to remain competitive as an assistant, professionals should emphasize unique skills when seeking out employment. For example, many businesses need assistants who speak multiple languages.

Educational qualifications also factor into assistant growth potential. In some cases, employers look for assistants with existing experience in a particular industry. Other businesses need assistants with an advanced degree in the legal or medical field. Job hunters pursuing administrative assistant careers should consider boosting their educational credentials and professional certifications to ensure a healthy career as an assistant.

Not only does assistant growth potential exist within the traditional office environment, but many workers ultimately pursue administrative assistant careers with high-powered politicians, celebrities and CEOs. These career options blend the historical responsibilities of office assistants with the hands-on approach of a personal assistant who attends to the needs of their employer. Workers who are trustworthy, loyal and efficient often find great success in these jobs, many of which pay higher salaries than their counterparts in corporate offices.

Regardless of what career path ultimately proves most appealing for a would-be administrative assistant, plenty of options exist for motivated workers who would like to consider work in this field. By focusing on personal and educational growth opportunities, workers can maximize their personal assistant growth potential. To further develop a strong career profile, assistants should strive to remain with their employer for extended periods of time, as this demonstrates loyalty and motivation to future recruiters.


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