What Not to Say During a Job Interview

Kullen Williams
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When you finally get that interview it’s easy to become extremely excited (and nervous). Whether it’s your dream job or just a better one than what you currently have, you’re trying to look your very best. And we’re here to help. All you have to do in the interview is be you. But it can help to have the know how to avoid any landmines and what NOT to say that might turn your dream interview into a nightmare.

“My last boss was terrible”
It’s very easy to name the issues with your previous company or boss. It’s likely overwhelming clear to you and your co-workers the problems your last job presented. But the person interviewing you is not aware of these problems, nor did they ever witness them. The only thing they know for certain is that you are complaining about your last boss in an interview. It’s not a good first impression.

If one of the first things you share with your new potential company is anger or frustration with a boss, they’re going to associate those negative things with the rest of your personality. They’re also forced to assume you were part of the problem because they never got to see whether your boss was truly bad or not.

“I don’t have experience…”
While you don’t have to be dishonest, focusing on your lack of experience in an area is going to make it harder to land the job. At the end of the day, you probably have some experience you bring to the table, you landed the interview, after all. Think creatively about what experiences you do have and focus on sharing that with the interviewer. This will make you more confident.

“So, what does the company do?”
That’s a really important question!...that you should research before the interview. You don’t need to spend several hours researching the company. Warren Buffet once famously said if he didn’t understand a company in ten minutes, he wouldn’t invest in them. Five to ten minutes should be long enough for you to get a feel for what the company does. Start with the company profile in the job posting and prepare questions for the interview. These simple steps guarantee you will make a good impression.

You already have the skills you need to succeed. Avoiding major speed bumps is the best thing you can do to help yourself. Anything that makes you look like a red flag should be avoided. The good news is, it really can be simplified to not being negative about a past experience unless it shows your own growth arc and not putting yourself or others down. Put some positive energy out there. Start with a big smile and get ready to dazzle the interviewer.


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  • Denise B.
    Denise B.

    That made sense to me, you always need to know what the company you are applying for does.

  • Hubert M.
    Hubert M.

    great info

  • Marwan S.
    Marwan S.

    Everything Made Sense to Me, Prepare Yourself and Don't Talk Yourself Out of ah Job. Try Your Best to Talk Your Way into the Job.

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