What to Say When Asked Why We Should Hire You

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Getting through a job interview is never easy, but there is one interview question that can trip up even the best of candidates: "Why should we hire you?" If you have an interview coming up, you need to practice answering this question until you are comfortable explaining why a hiring manager should give you a chance. Follow these tips to ensure you give the hiring manager several good reasons to hire you.

1. Focus on the Benefits

You may need a job to pay your bills or ensure your family has health coverage, but that's not what a hiring manager wants to hear. You need to focus on how the company benefits from hiring you, not the other way around. If the business has a problem, be ready to tell the hiring manager how you can solve it.

2. Be Concise

As with any interview question, it's important to be concise when an interviewer asks for reasons to hire you. You don't want to sound like a robot, but you also need to avoid rambling on for several minutes. Participating in mock interviews can help you polish your skills enough to deliver concise answers that don't sound overly rehearsed.

3. Talk Up Your Skills

Employers don't want to hire people who are all talk and no action. It doesn't matter if you have the perfect answer for every interview question; you need to back up your claims with facts. When interviewers ask why they should hire you, be prepared to talk about your skills. Explain how you use your skills in a professional capacity, or tell interviewers how you keep your skills current. The more detail you provide, the more credibility you build.

4. Offer Proof

With every interview question, it's always a good idea to provide proof of the information you included in your resume and cover letter. If you tell an interviewer you have experience helping small companies overcome financial difficulties, be prepared to talk about how you have done so in the past. When possible, back up your claims with statistics that the interviewer can verify at a later date.

5. Pay Attention

It's important to pay attention to every interview question you hear. Previous questions can help you formulate an answer when it's time to tell the interviewer why you are the best candidate. For example, if the hiring manager asked questions about your bookkeeping skills and familiarity with QuickBooks, you can use that information at the end of the interview. You might say something like, "You said you need someone who has experience using QuickBooks, preparing financial statements and administering payroll. You should hire me because I have been using QuickBooks for five years, have prepared financial statements for four different companies and currently process payroll for 500 employees."

"Why should we hire you?" isn't a trick interview question, but it sure does seem like one sometimes. If you take time to prepare for your interview, answering this question should be a breeze.

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  • JODY T.
    JODY T.

    always put the job first above anything else!

  • Raman K.
    Raman K.

    I am be honest and care about my job alweys

  • Ron Fuller
    Ron Fuller

    A great line of offense.

  • Sierra G.
    Sierra G.

    So very true

  • Sierra G.
    Sierra G.

    So true

  • Sierra G.
    Sierra G.

    So very true

  • Sierra G.
    Sierra G.


  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    @Jennifer thank you for your comment. So very true. Always do your due diligence on a company before submitting your application.

  • Jennifer  R.
    Jennifer R.

    To advance and look up the company your going to apply with to see what they have to offer and learn all you can about the company .

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