When You Receive a Job Offer, How Much Time Is Appropriate to Take to Make a Decision?

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Receiving a job offer is wonderful achievement. Most people would say yes to the offer as soon as possible, but even if you’re sure you’re going to accept the position, you should take the time to decide. But what is the appropriate amount of time to take?  

Let them know you’ve received it 

If you’ve received a job offer in writing, tell them thank you. Not only is this truthful, but it is also a good curtesy to confirm you received it. Then let them know if you’re thinking about the position or not and why.  

Tell them you want it 

If you know that you want the job, let them know that you’re very interested and will most likely be accepting, but you need some time to review the offer in full. This shows that you’re serious about the position and are thoughtful when it comes to making decisions—a great quality in an employee.  

It’s okay to take some time to think 

If accepting the job will cause your life to change, then it’s okay to think about the offer. Think things through and then give the employer your response. Remember, they’re asking to hire you! They shouldn’t mind waiting for your decision a couple days. 

Ask for a deadline 

Some job offers have expirations dates. Some employers don’t tell you if there is one or not, so once you get that offer, make sure to ask so you know the amount of time you have to make a decision. It’s typically a week, any longer than that and it’s a red flag that you’re unsure about the job and that could disqualify you. If you need more than a week, you can ask for it but have a reason as to why you need it. Maybe you want to review it with your significant other, but they’re unavailable within the time frame, maybe you’re waiting on another job offer—simply be honest.  

Don’t need all the time they’ve given, then don’t take it 

Don’t wait to respond for the sake of waiting. If you review the offer and there’s nothing stopping you from accepting, then do it as soon as possible.  


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