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When applying for a job, many job seekers go online in search of cover letter samples that they can use to make their application stand out. However, it pays to be careful when looking for cover letter samples online, as some sources might not provide the kind of professional cover letter the job hunter needs.

Cover letter samples can provide inspiration for job seekers who do not know how to write their own cover letters. However, it is important to get these samples from a trustworthy source. Rather than simply searching for cover letter samples via Google, job seekers should use reputable sites to find samples that help them to draft a professional cover letter.

The career sections of well-known publications are often packed with useful information, including cover letter samples, which can help job seekers to impress potential employers. For example, The Guardian provides cover letter samples in three different styles and explains when to use each one. A standard cover letter is the right choice to accompany a resume when applying for most jobs, but a slightly different approach needs to be taken when sending a speculative letter or when applying for a job in a highly creative industry.

The key point about using cover letter samples is that they should only be used to provide inspiration for your own letter. Job hunters should never copy a sample word for word, as other applicants may have used the same template to craft their own letters. An employer who receives many identical cover letters is unlikely to be particularly impressed with any of them.

Cover letters must also be personalized to highlight the key points of a job hunter's application. For example, the cover letter can be the applicant's opportunity to summarize the qualities that make him a suitable candidate for the job. Sticking rigidly to a template can cause an applicant to miss out on the opportunity to make these key points. This is one of the biggest downsides of using a cover letter sample or template when crafting your own application.

However, cover letter samples do have some important benefits. They show applicants approximately how long their letters should be and how they should be structured. One of the biggest mistakes that applicants make when writing cover letters is to make the letter far too long and rambling, which could result in the recruiter not reading the letter in full.

Cover letter samples can be extremely helpful for job seekers who are applying for advertised roles or sending out speculative applications. When looking for cover letter samples online, it is important to only use reputable sites to ensure the quality of the sample cover letters that are found.

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    A cover letter is a means of introduction. It tells a prospective employer of your interest in the company and position. You can also site special skills that would pertain to the position you are applying for.

  • Genaro Jacquez
    Genaro Jacquez

    Can somebody please explaine to me what is a cover letter and how is it used on a job app...

  • Daniel Newman
    Daniel Newman

    That is what your cover letter is for, so you can explain your intent and then highlight your resume. If you explain why you change jobs allot; the employer sees this and moves past it.

  • Jon Brach
    Jon Brach

    This is a valuable post. Cover letters are another way of getting your profile noticed and highlighting your special skills.

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    Dawn Johnson

    How can resume be structured so I don't appear to be a job jumper?

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    Brien D.

    This piece is a waste of space. It would have simply been better to list out links to cover letter samples/templates. I do not understand why all of these sites that are suppose to help you just make things more complicated at a time when you do NOT need complications. My BEST advice: SPAM folder this site.


    I need a cover letter for my career

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    Great information. Thanks for the post.

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    I need help writing a cover letter. At this point in time I will take all on comers to get notice..

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    I have been a nurse-aide for several years and now I am burned out. I would like something total different career. How can a cover letter help me?

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    Donna D.

    Other than The Guardian, where else might be another reputable source for professional cover letters?

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    no cover letters found, no help

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    I don't have a clue how to write a cover letter.

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    I don't have a clue on how to get started on a resume.You see I had the same job for 22 years and don't know how to get even remotely started.I really need some help with this,thank you very much.GEO...

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    I'm glad u make the point, when doing a cover letter get to the point and make it as short as possible

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    You have to be careful..a lot of these sites have spam. Hope it gets better.

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    This is something that I have never really paid any attention to. Truly appreciate the information here. Will have to take a look at my cover letter and compare it to what is really wanted. Thanks again so much!!

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