Why One Should Expect Their Job Search to Take Months Maybe Even A Year

Benjamin Taylor
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For most of us being patient is hard trait to master. When it comes to searching for a job, it is really difficult to wait for that moment.  You have a plan to go after a job. You search for jobs online and find different positions. You apply to that one perfect position and upload that resume that you’ve poured hours upon hours into to make perfect.  Then once you press the “apply” button, you hope that you will get a call or a response within a week.


Then you wait.


And wait….


Now it has been over a week and no one has contacted you. They must have moved on you think. They must have hired another worker. I wasn’t good enough. Then you are back on the job search again.  And you repeat this same process for almost a month and have nothing to show for that effort. What is the issue? Why is this job hunt taking so long?


High-Paying Jobs Will Have a Longer Process

Most job application processes don’t take that long if you are looking for jobs as retail and hospitality workers, but if you are looking for a high-level position, expect the search to take up to a year. The higher the position, the longer it will take for an employer to take notice of you.  Plus, the due diligence done for a high-level position is pretty in-depth to ensure the right person for the job is selected.


Get Ready for Competition

Depending on how popular the job is, there will be a competition.  Nowadays because of the internet, it is easy for job seekers to apply to several positions in a short period of time. The more people that apply for the job, the longer the process is for the employer.  They will have to review more candidates to narrow down the talent. If your application is not solid, it will quickly be tossed aside. Go over your resume and cover letter to make sure there are no mistakes. Add new or better job references to your arsenal. Find a way to make yourself stand out and make a good impression to bring your best self to the job interview by practicing responses to common interview questions.


You Want That Perfect Job

Finding that perfect job, especially a dream job can take a long time to achieve. If you want to settle for less or an undesirable position that just “pays the bills,” then this process will be quicker.  Applying for that “one” job will also make the job search longer. If you have a perfect position in mind, check and see if there are any similar positions available to diversify your job search to increase your chances of hearing back from an employer. Also make sure that you keep yourself active in your job search. Yes, it can be a long wait, but make sure to take care of yourself. Don’t get discouraged by the length of time— in fact use that time wisely.


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  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    @Jim T. thanks for your comment. So sorry it's taking so long to find a job. Applying for 8-10 positions a week is pretty good. What about networking? Are you reaching out to former co-workers, family and friends to let them know you are job hunting? They might know of a position that is open at their company - just maybe that position hasn't been posted online. Don't lie on your resume, Jim. It always comes back to bite you. But maybe find a way to be creative. Of course, when they ask for your HS grad date - well, that's kind of hard to hide.

  • Jim T.
    Jim T.

    Thanks , I have been depressed going on 6 months and I am applying for jobs in my field. 1. there is for sure AGE BIAS they find out when we put High School Grad. Date. So on 1 resume I put 2005 as maybe went to back to get H/School Diploma but now I am telling a lie . I am a young 60 years old. I apply for 8/10 jobs a week . most say you made 20.00 at my last job. The jobs in my town start between 10-12 $ per hr. ( I need to make at least 14.00 an hour to live.) And I might not be happy going back in pay ??? I explain it took me 12 years to get to that wage I know I have to work my way back up in pay. Still no job yet...cant give up on my self I will land at some company and they will be happy they gave me the position.

  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    @Lydia H - thanks for your comment. Sorry it feels like it's taking forever to find a new job. 2 months isn't really all that long in today's job world but I know how stressful it can be. Question: Are you doing some checking up on the company before you apply? See what you can find out. If you look and see that the majority of the employees are in their 20's - and you are not, you might want to just move on. Look for a company that really believes in diversity and you will find a company that you can stay with for the long term. And don't give up on the job search. Make sure that you are treating it like a job. How many resumes are you sending out on a daily basis? If you are only applying to say one or two companies a week, you are doing yourself a disservice. You need to apply to a few companies each day - if you can. Keep a list of the companies and job positions you apply to. Set up a follow-up system where you can try to follow-up with the company to see the status of the position and your resume. On your resume, leave off as many dates as you can - especially if they are older. All the best on your job search!

  • Lydia H.
    Lydia H.

    I've been looking for a job for 2 months and nothing, even the few times an adviser has called me when I tell him the date of hight school hangs up the phone.


    Good observation, interesting to say the least. Thank you for taking the time to make this post. Hope it helps someone trying to find gainful employment.

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