Why You're Landing Jobs You Don't Like

Silvia Santos
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Finding an ideal job can be a difficult task to achieve. When applying to jobs sometimes the only jobs that call you back are just unsatisfying. Here are some tips and tricks to land a good job:

Update your resume: 

Tailor your resume to the job you’re applying to. When the employer reads your tailored resume you’ll sound like the perfect candidate for the job. Employers want to see that you are truly interested, making sure your resume is updated, free of typos, and customized for the role you’re applying for is a great starting point.

Brush up on some skills:

A great way to increase your chances of landing that job is to acquire more experience in that field. To do this, you can volunteer (in person or virtuality), or take a  course online, or help out an acquaintance with tasks related to that particular job field. Always try to improve and list your relevant experiences on your resume. 

When in doubt, network: 

Sometimes the best way to level up in the job industry is to make connections with important people in your field. Many times employers are willing to hire people even if they may not meet all the requirements if they seem eager to learn. Meeting and staying in contact with an influential networking contact can be extremely valuable. Once you’ve connected with someone from that industry, it is likely they will keep you in mind for any job openings. 

Try reapplying:

If you’ve applied to a job and didn’t get selected, but the role is posted again in the future, if the company is expanding, make sure you apply to the position again. Sometimes employers don’t call you back because they aren’t in need of new workers. But, in a month or two that can radically change. 

Seasons matter:

Try to research the industry, to know when is it most profitable. For example if you want to get a job in the cosmetics business, the best time to apply would be the months leading up to December. Why? Because cosmetic goods are usually very busy during holidays. When a company is most profitable, that’s when they are the most in search of prospective employees too. 

Mindset is everything:

One of the very first things one must do to land an ideal job, is to envision it. Try thinking of what you’d need to improve on. Think of what kind of lifestyle you’d have to live. Try to maintain the mindset that you can and you will get that job. 

Apply selectively:

Make sure you apply to jobs that you are actually interested in. It is counterintuitive to apply to jobs that you are not interested in, simply because they’re hiring. Follow your passion. 

Be open to multiple positions:

Try to focus your efforts on landing that very first job even if it’s at a lower position than you want. For example, if you are being offered a job as part time and you want to work full time—go ahead and take it. This will allow you to get your foot in the door, meet people, learn the ropes and hopefully be brought on full time or allow you to move on to a role with more responsibility. 

Value your time:

If the company you keep applying to consistently declines you, that’s okay. But be conscious of your own self-worth. Sometimes we need to redirect our efforts onto a company that is willing to recognize our work and efforts. A ‘no’ from one company can be a ‘yes’ from another. Try researching other businesses in your field, an organization that you are unaware of could potentially have the job that you are most seeking. 


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    Sandra r.

    You have to be assertive and know yourself well enough to make the most of your passion and skills as well and math the same values with company and never settle for less know your worh

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