Writing a Cover Letter: Research Tips Worth Exploring

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The process of applying for a job can be taxing to say the least. But the process of writing a cover letter can be downright exhausting - especially when you’re unsure of how to express your interest in that job you’re applying for. The good news is that expressing your interest can be as simple as taking the initiative to do some deep digging. That is, digging for information on how the position fulfills the company’s goals, what they are looking for in an employee, and what you’re looking for in a job. Of course, getting this done requires research. So to help you get started, here are a few ideas … Research the Position One of your main goals when writing your cover letter will be to convince the prospective employer that you know what they need in their hiring position – and that you’re the person to give them just that. To get this done, you’ll need to gain some perspective on what the job entails. A good way to get started is by researching the responsibilities assumed in that position. You can learn specific duties by reviewing the job posting, and even contacting Human Resources, for additional information. Also, you can visit career websites that give details of various job descriptions. Afterward, you can try to determine how your previous experiences will enhance the position. By adding this element to your cover letter, you can “wow” the employer with your expertise and passion for helping their company grow. Research the Company Another great way to develop your cover letter is to gather specific details about the company. It isn’t a good idea to treat all companies the same, as each has its own culture and mission. This means you’ll want to learn more about the company’s specific culture and goals by conducting a little research. What kind of research? Well, for starters you can search their website for information on their business, strategy, products, services, and even employee activities. This will help you better understand the company’s profile. And if you need more, you can call Human Resources to request information pieces that can help you gather additional background information. Between these resources, you should have useful information that can help you develop a sense of how your presence will enhance the company’s mission and goals. Research Yourself After you’ve researched the position and company it is time to get honest with yourself. Are you applying for the job because you want money or status? Or because you really want to learn, grow, and enhance the company’s mission? It’s a really good idea to sit down and contemplate these ideas because they will not only help you determine whether you’re moving in the right direction career-wise, they will also help you write an honest cover letter. Writing a cover letter is not as difficult as you think, especially when you take time to conduct research on the position, company and yourself. So take this opportunity to fine-tune your career motivations while at the same time creating a cover letter that just might help you land your ideal job.

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    Koketso Sedumedi
    Thank you for the valuable information regarding cover letters.  This will definitely assist in enhancing my resume.
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    Barbara M.
    How do you write a cover letter when going to a Job Fair?
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    Joan Medley-Tomlinson
    I am really impressed with the resume outline
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    zita drake
    Sending out resumes on the internet seem to be a waste of time.  Does anyone know how else to find jobs other than spending months on the internet and only getting back e-mails from companies that want you to buy something or go back to school?
  • Robyn Pilliod
    Robyn Pilliod
    Samples of good cover letters would be very helpful
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    Thank you for the information! It was informative, but as many have mentioned, it would be more useful if we had sample cover letters as examples of an effective and professional approach to writing a cover letter, to help us get in the door for an actual interview. It would be helpful to see something that a professional would recognize as an invitation to further discuss the position we are seeking.
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    Maria P.
    I too would like to see some set examples of a great cover letter.  Thanks
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    Thanks. I'm gonna give it a try now that you've educated me more.
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    Muhammad Irfan
    I don't want to write cover letters, but I know it is must for a marketing job.
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    This site is a really good one and can help a lot of us.
  • Harry
    This is what I may try in a cover letter:  Identify the main requirements of the position and then express how you would be able to contribute to the department or company goals.
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    Ma. Ofelia Bagunas
    Thanks! It's really a big help to us and more beneficial.
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