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Some of you out there have nice, easily explainable jobs like “professor” or “salesman” or “consultant”. Others of you have job titles that people either totally don’t grasp or think are kind of odd. As a resume writer, I fall into the second category, with reactions to my vocation ranging from, “Wait, is that a euphemism for your being unemployed?” to “Why would anyone ever pay someone to write their resume?” Most people who can’t imagine hiring a resume writer haven’t had to look for a job in the current economic climate. Those who have been looking during the Great Recession usually say, “Oh my gosh, do I ever need to talk to you!” If you’re one of the skeptics who has come to our site wondering whether our services could actually help you, I’d like to explain why a professional resume writer is a great person to have in your corner. It saves you time Many people’s primary complaint about searching for a job is how time consuming the entire process is. Candidates often find a job opening they love, and then sit down to start writing their resume. It’s much more efficient to get your resume written first, and then make minor changes and edits to customize it when you find the perfect job. In addition, let’s say you make $15/hour. If your new professionally written resume only cut your job search short by 5 days you would more than make back the money you invested into the service. We’ve worked with clients who have been searching a year or longer and their new resumes land them interviews within a matter of weeks or days. Most of our clients are employed within 60 days. It gives you perspective If you’ve ever seen one of the many makeover shows on cable tv, it’s pretty clear what the problem is. Some people get so stuck in a certain way of thinking about their appearance that they can’t picture themselves looking any other way. The same is true with how people perceive themselves as employees. We often get so bogged down in what field our degrees are in or what our former job titles have been that we miss something really important: what we’re good at. A good resume writer will take the time to interview you and determine what makes you shine as a candidate—and the strengths they perceive in you might surprise you. This helps give you a fast pass to the top of the stack. It brings you results At this point, I think we all know someone who has been out looking for a job for quite some time. It amazes me how often long-term job seekers have never had anyone review their resume for them. Sometimes I look over resumes for friends who are having a particularly difficult time with their job search, and it’s immediately obvious to me that their resume is the problem. Typical results from a great resume writer can include; securing interviews faster, saving money from prolonged unemployment, saving time, and a fast pass to the top of the interviewer’s stack of candidates. If you’re ready to save time, money and start interviewing now you should consider hiring a professional resume writer. Research different services to ensure you’re choosing the one that suits your needs best and will deliver results.

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