Hillary Clinton has taken her rhetorical attack on Donald Trump to a new level, asserting that the presumptive Republican presidential nominee will be the most dangerous major presidential nominee in history. In a preview clip of an interview with CBS anchor Charlie Rose that's set to air Tuesday, the former secretary of state slammed Trump over what she characterized as "simplistic, easy answers" to major problems. "No self-discipline, no self-control, no sense of history, no...


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  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    Thanks for the great comments. It certainly is going to be an interesting few months up to the election. I am sure we will hear a LOT more about each of the candidates.

  • Dr Abigail grace  L.
    Dr Abigail grace L.

    I don't trust anything this woman says. If she really wants to gain the trust of the American people, she should surrender herself to the crime that she had committed instead of denying it. Then MAYBE I'll think about voting for her or never. As far as Trump. I have lived in New York and I saw what that man did to New York and he practically build New York. He really gets things done. He is the only one that is currently giving jobs to the American people as we speak, He did this all his life as a real estate entrepeneur. I have no doubt that he will fulfill his goals for this country. That I know for sure. He is the only one who has experience in making deals. Hillary has no match to his experience. I believe if Hillary wins, she will increase immigration to this country and we will be just like Europe (Germany had 5 terrorist attacks in one week!), We will quadruple our debt just like Obama did and eventually the American people will wake up and we have to impeach her or she will have to resign herself from the presidency.

  • Paul R.
    Paul R.

    Trump has lied more than any politician thus far, based on the fact checking organizations. Power to the people? His policies include deporting 11 million people (how do you think he will find them? Are YOU ready to PROVE on the spot that you're here legally????) and limiting travel based on religion (again, PROVE to me you're not a muslim Kim D). No, Trump would be a dictator, and his government would be full of thugs getting rich by ripping off the taxpayers. Clinton has been investigated incessantly and found innocent repeatedly. She IS the honest one. A hard worker, an over achiever, and certainly ready for the job.

  • Kim D.
    Kim D.

    She says this because he is honest and will give the power back to the people instead of politicians working for the new world order.

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