Do these same things stress you out, too?...


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  • Anne Christy and Adams
    Anne Christy and Adams

    Oh my, I have been finding the very same as both of you - LACK of PATIENCE. Sad to think, some of us born in the 50's are humiliated by the younger folks who grew up with computers. Its quite maddening.


    Oh Philip, I feel your pain. I've had several temp positions where a young computer whiz looks at me like I'm such a fool. They have no patience at all! Best of luck.

  • Philip Cohen
    Philip Cohen

    Yes. I am of the older Baby Boomer generation and find it difficult to keep up with my fellow workers when it comes time to using and understanding the use of our computer system. I usually require more attention from a manager in helping me input information and although it is not spoken out loud, I know it is held against me. It makes my real purpose at my job that much more difficult to concentrate on because everything that is done must be entered into the computer.

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