10 Reasons to Leave an Interview

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A job interview is an opportunity to show off your skills, learn more about the duties and organization, and determine whether you're even interested in the open position; however, during some interviews, it may become quickly apparent that this one is not for you. In these cases, you're left with the decision of whether to cut and run or stick it out to the end. Here are 10 reason to leave a job interview immediately.

1. The Office Is Disorganized

If you show up to the job interview to find the office is dirty, completely disorganized or in disrepair, don't feel bad about leaving instantly.

2. They Expect You to Pay

When a company claims that you must pay out of pocket for a drug test, a background check or some other necessity of the hiring process, don't cough up the cash; instead, hit the road.

3. They Treat You Poorly

Don't allow yourself to be disrespected during a job interview. Walk out if the interviewer is rude or acts uninterested in your responses.

4. They Ask Inappropriate Questions

There are laws pertaining to job interviews that determine which questions are appropriate and which aren't. Feel free to say "goodbye" if the hiring panel asks about your marital status, age or other personal matters.

5. You Feel Unsafe

Never stick around in an environment where you don't feel safe. Trust your gut, and head for the door.

6. The Job Is No Longer Available

Don't fall for this bait and switch attempt. If you show up for a job interview to find out that the position has been filled, politely excuse yourself and leave.

7. They've Changed the Terms

If you show up to the job interview to find that the information you were given originally regarding pay, hours, benefits or job duties is now different, decline the interview and head for the exit.

8. They Want Your Contacts

Don't fall for any organization that wants you to hand over your sales contacts or sell products to your family and friends. Rather than falling prey, make a beeline for the door.

9. There Are No Benefits

If you show up at the job interview to learn that the full-time position offers no benefits, don't waste your time on the interview.

10. The Boss Is Awful

If you have the opportunity to meet the prospective boss of the position and find out instantly that your personalities clash, head for the hills.

While these 10 reasons to leave a job interview are valid and understandable, there are other times when it's better just to finish out the interview with dignity. If the interviewers are respectful, let them finish their questions and simply explain that you are no longer interested in the position, because you don't feel that you are a good fit at this time.

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  • DANNA R.
    DANNA R.

    I agree. It's a waste of your precious time in finding the best job!

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