10 Ways to Handle the Thinking About it Objection

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Overcoming objections is one of your most difficult duties as a salesperson, but it's a skill you must master if you want to succeed. Many customers have sales objections, especially when an item costs hundreds or thousands of dollars. Next time you hear an objection, follow these tips to handle it with grace.

1. Explain the Benefits

Take this opportunity to explain the benefits of the product or service one more time. You need to show the prospect why your product or service is the best solution for a particular problem.

2. Establish a Time Frame

You may not make a sale the first time you meet with a customer. Instead of being pushy when you hear sales objections, find out when the customer plans to make a final decision.

3. Ask Questions

In some cases, sales objections are the result of lackluster demonstrations or sales presentations. To overcome objections, you must ask prospects what they need to think about. Doing so can help you refine your pitch and provide information that is more likely to result in a sale.

4. Find Out About Other Options

It's important to find out how your product or service stacks up against the solutions offered by your competitors. When you encounter sales objections, be sure to ask your customers if they are considering other options.

5. Ask About Input

In some cases, the person you are dealing with is not the only person involved in the buying decision. If a prospect gives you a sales objection, ask if there is anyone else you need to consult. Before you make a sale, you may have to talk to a parent, spouse, sibling or roommate.

6. Use the SALE Method

The SALE method is a useful tool for handling sales objections during a presentation. SALE stands for Stop, Acknowledge, Listen and Example. If a customer voices an objection, you must stop your presentation, acknowledge the objection, listen to your customer's concerns and give an example of how you helped other customers overcome the same issue.

7. Ask What Is Holding Them Back

Always ask your customers what is preventing them from saying yes. If you don't take this crucial step, it's difficult to tailor your presentation to the prospect's needs.

8. Identify Reasons for Not Moving Forward

Price is a common sales objection, but it's not the only one that prevents customers from buying from you. If a prospect raises an objection, be sure to identify the reasoning behind it.

9. Find Out How to Turn "No" Into "Yes"

Ask the prospect what it would take for them to accept your offer. If you know what prospects want, you can better address their needs.

10. Offer an Alternative

A particular product may not be the best solution for every prospect. When you hear sales objections, don't be afraid to suggest an alternative. For example, if price is an issue, suggest the customer purchase a mid-range model instead of a premium model.

If you are a salesperson, sales objections are a normal part of the job. Prevent them from derailing your sales career by learning how to overcome objections like a pro.

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