10 Characteristics that Make Veterans Ideal Job Candidates

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For veterans, finding the ideal job can be difficult. As former Marine Corps Captain and President of Hire Heroes USA, Brian Stann, said on the topic:


“The biggest challenge is that most of these men and women have never been in the job market before. You’re talking about most of these guys volunteering for service right out of high school.”


With this standing in their way, it can be difficult to translate the skills they have acquired through military service. Stann went on to say:


A lot of the companies hiring veterans are traditionally federal agencies, reason being is because they have veterans working there who understand the qualities and the honor, integrity and commitment these men and women bring.”


Besides the bevy of benefits the government is offering to encourage employers to hire veterans, there are also many qualities, such as the one’s Stann mentioned above, that former service members possess, which make them great workers to consider when recruiting. Some of those characteristics include:


1. Dedication. Veterans are dedicated to serving their country, and this dedication will undoubtedly spill over into the right work environment.


2. Endurance. Within both their training and combat environments, service members must endure great physical and mental pressures constantly and over a prolonged period of time. This ability to continue until their job is finished is a skill that can easily be translated to the civilian environment.


3. Confident under pressure. Even the strictest work deadline is unlikely to compare to the pressure of working in a battle zone, so you can expect former military members to keep a cool head when facing short deadlines.


4. Comfortable operating in a global environment. Increasingly, business is occurring on a global stage, and veterans who've lived outside the U.S. and who often have foreign language skills will be the go-to candidates for global positions.


5. Team players. Veterans relied on their fellow service members to survive, so they will know the importance of working as a team to succeed.


6. Used to schedules and structure. The military is known for its strict structure and routines, so its members and former members can be counted on when it comes to knowing a schedule by heart and sticking to it.


7. Punctuality. Along the lines of a rigid structure, military members understand the importance of being on time - and the consequences they may face if they are not.


8. Well-trained. They understand the work that must go into preparing to do a job, and have often had extra certifications and training during their service that may come in handy in the workforce.


9. Integrity. Not only will they have proven their integrity within their service, they'll also likely show it by being able to pass government background checks and security clearances.


10. Respectful. Knowing one's rank and respecting higher ups is key in the military, so you can expect a veteran to respect the employees and executives above them in the civilian working world.


Are you planning to hire employees for your company?  Choose a Vet!  There is no better work ethic around than that of our country’s Veterans.


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