10 Things to Do When You Know Layoffs Are Coming

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When your company changes hands or you hear gossip about reorganization, it is normal to anticipate the possibility of layoffs. The uncertainty is hard to handle, but some simple layoff preparations can help you feel more in control of the situation. Here's a list of 10 easy ways to prepare for possible unemployment.

1. Update Your Resume

The easiest time to update your resume is while you are still employed. Start your layoff preparations by listing your accomplishments in your current position and then redoing your resume with those recent achievements in mind.

2. Research Potential Employers

Start looking at want ads and exploring businesses online. Make a list of those companies for which you'd most like to work. Dealing with unemployment is much easier if you know where to start your job search.

3. Take a Class

Learn some new skills to make yourself more marketable and make sure that all the abilities listed on your resume are up to date.

4. Talk to Your Family and Friends

Don't keep your status at work a secret from those close to you. Your family and friends can provide you with valuable support and help you keep an eye out for new positions that might be right for you.

5. Extend Your Network

This is the perfect time to attend meetings for any professional organizations you belong to and to schedule coffee meetups with old friends in your field. Let people know that you may be in the job market soon and to keep you in mind. In addition to providing job leads, networking helps keep you busy and interested in your field.

6. Clean Up Your Workspace

Removing personal clutter from both your work area and your office computer is a layoff preparation that makes things much easier if you lose your job and need to leave quickly.

7. Develop Your Personal Brand

This is the perfect time to think about how you present yourself professionally. Keep a notebook with ideas about your ideal position and the qualities that make you suitable for that position. Update your professional social media profiles, keeping those qualities in mind.

8. Think About References

Talk to people at your job and in other areas of your life who might be future references. Consider clients, customers, vendors and co-workers in addition to those in management.

9. Look at Your Finances

Stash extra money in your savings account in anticipation for a possible job loss. Avoid taking on additional debts or making luxury purchases at this time.

10. Check Out Your Benefits

Take a look at how many vacation days you have left and learn what happens to them if you are suddenly laid off. Gather information about your pension and health insurance plan. Your layoff preparation needs to include plans for extending your health insurance during any period of unemployment.

Layoff preparation helps put your mind at ease when things are unstable in your workplace. Get your work affairs in order, extend your network, keep an eye on your finances, and go to your family and friends for support to help make the transition easier. If you do find yourself suddenly out the door, your layoff preparation plan provides the perfect foundation for dealing with unemployment gracefully and moving quickly into a new position.

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