11 More Things Not to Say During an Interview

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The job interview is your primary chance as a job seeker to impress hiring managers with your professionalism and qualifications. However, if you say the wrong things or present yourself in a negative light, you drastically decrease your opportunities. When interviewing, avoid saying these 11 things.

1. "This Job Isn't My Top Choice"

You might as well say "I'm settling for this job" if you use this phrase during a job interview. Employers need to know that you are interested and eager to make an impact versus settling for a position that you are not passionate about.

2. "What Does Your Company Do?"

A question like this shows that you are not prepared. Spend time during your job search researching the company's product and service line so you can ask questions that reveal you have done your homework.

3. "This Job Better Be Mine"

Confidence is important during a job interview, but when you're overconfident or assume that the position is yours already, hiring managers view you as arrogant. Never assume that you have secured the job before an offer is made.

4. "Which Job am I Interviewing for?"

Know the details of the job, including the job duties and responsibilities, well before you walk into a meeting with the employer.

5. "I'm Not the Most Qualified Candidate"

Avoid doubting yourself or fostering doubt in the mind of the hiring manager about your qualifications. Instead, provide scenarios that illustrate how your skills can impact the company positively.

6. "My Last Boss Was Awful"

Refrain from injecting negativity into the job interview, even if you've had negative experience with past employers. A potential employer is likely to view you as someone who complains often or spreads negativity, which is never healthy for a work environment.

7. "We Should Get Dinner Sometime"

Remember that as a job seeker, you must remain professional at all times. Even if you feel a connection between yourself and the hiring manager, avoid advances or friendly offers to spend personal time together.

8. "I'm Not Sure How I'll Survive if I Don't Get This Job"

Don't let your desperation show during the job interview. It's not the hiring manager's responsibility to secure your financial future. Instead, focus primarily on your work history.

9. "I'm Striving to Get Your Job"

The best way to turn off a hiring manager is to make it clear you plan to take over and secure his or her job. While confidence is necessary, this type of comment is offensive and is likely to ruin your chances of employment.

10. "Do You Have a Family?"

There's a time and place for personal conversations about family status. Even if you notice family photos in the office, refrain from turning the conversation personal.

11. The Use of Curse Words

Your professionalism is crucial, which is why you should never use curse words in an interview, even if the employer or other parties present do.

Spend time during your job search rehearsing interview questions and displaying your professionalism to resist the temptation to say things during a job interview that are offensive, arrogant or too personal. With practice, you can find ways to answer tough interview questions and showcase your talents in a positive manner.

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