11 Things Unsuccessful People Do When Faced With a Long Weekend

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Successful people know that a long weekend provides bountiful opportunities for productivity, rejuvenation and healthy habits, but unsuccessful individuals don't make such smart choices. Here are 11 things the latter may do on a three-day weekend that success-minded professionals should always avoid.

1. Engage in Busywork

Filling your time with busywork such as tweaking a project or going over work emails is a waste of free time. Successful people put work tasks aside over a long weekend or, if they must complete a task before the workweek, schedule some dedicated time to finish it at once.

2. Stay Plugged In

While successful people give screen time a break to enjoy the simple pleasures in life, unsuccessful individuals stay hooked to their phones. Turn off social media for a long weekend to avoid burning away hours in front of a screen.

3. Ignore People They Love

Long weekends offer a rare opportunity to spend quality time with friends and family, whether it be a camping trip with your kids or a coffee date with an old college buddy. Don't make the mistake of unsuccessful people, neglecting the importance of close relationships.

4. Take No Risks

People who aren't success-minded never take advantage of the opportunity that a three-day weekend presents for trying something new. Try taking up a new hobby, or let yourself reconnect with a hobby you may have neglected, such as golfing or woodworking.

5. Make No Plans

Long weekends are rare treasures, so don't make the unsuccessful mistake of stepping into the weekend without some kind of goal or plan. Whether it be completing a non-work-related project or going to the beach before cold weather sets in, a goal can help you make the most of your free time.

6. Spend Too Much Money

People who shy from success tend to blow all their money on a long weekend. Instead of splurging too much, budget your weekend trips and activities to stay on track.

7. Indulge in Unhealthy Habits

Breaking the normal work routine can lead unsuccessful individuals to forgo their healthy eating and exercise habits. Keep indulgences to a minimum during long weekends.

8. Dwell on Their Anxiety

Only successful people know how to let go of their work stress and anxiety when the weekend hits. Learn to put work aside so you can restore your energy and enjoy a three-day weekend to the fullest.

9. Keep Their Minds in the Office

People who aren't successful might waste a long weekend thinking about the coming week. Leave thoughts of work for Monday to give your mind a break from work.

10. Shirk All Responsibility

While resting is important, being lazy is a poor way to go through the weekend. Instead of lounging on the couch, use a long weekend to conquer a personal goal.

11. Fail to Value Their Weekends

Successful people know more than anyone that time is their most valuable asset. Don't make the mistake of letting your weekend be consumed by unimportant tasks or leisure activities you don't really enjoy.

Instead of committing the errors of so many individuals, stick to the habits of successful people during the long weekend. The results are sure to follow you into the workweek.

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  • John M.
    John M.

    It is really relevant how you spend your week, as to how you choose to spend your long weekend.

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