3 Steps to Kick Off Your Executive Job Search

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Sometimes getting a good start with an executive job search can be challenging. It’s often difficult to know which steps to take to make sure you’re finding the right employers and positions to apply for. While every job search is unique and there is no specific template available that ensures an executive job search will flow perfectly, there are some steps you can take to start on the right track. Here are three to consider:


1. Know the Specifics of the Position You Want


At the executive level, it’s possible that you qualify for a number of roles, possibly in more than one industry. However, like any project you have initiated that ends successfully, your job search requires a narrow focus. A great way to acquire this focus is by getting specific about the position you want, including the industry you’d most like to pursue if you have more than one option available.


2. Choose Ideal Employers


After you’ve identified the position you’re looking for, take time to identify ideal employers you’d like to work for. Think about your overall career goals, including where you’d like to live, which organizational culture you are most suited for, and even whether you hope to retire from your next employer. Then begin researching employers that can meet your ultimate career objectives, while determining whether you can meet their goals for the positions they’re offering. Finally, compile a list of about 15-20 companies or organizations that you feel will meet your needs.


3. Identify Key Decision Makers and Company Issues


Once you’ve compiled your list of employers, begin to target your audience by locating key decision makers in each company you expect to work closely with if hired. Also, closely examine the issues your chosen companies have faced in recent months or years that you would like to address.


Taking these steps can help you to determine who you need to connect with if you choose to inquire about positions, or outright apply for jobs within the specific companies you’ve targeted. These steps can also help you to create resumes and supporting documents that will help you score the interviews you want.


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