3 Ways to Network Better

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Following basic networking tips will help you make a good impression, but there are three things you should do if you really want to use networking to your advantage. Use these networking ideas to get results the next time you attend a professional event.

1. Making strong professional connections should be your top priority. It's important to identify appropriate networking opportunities. You might have fun at a cocktail party, but you will not necessarily meet people who will help you find a new job or make the transition from one type of accounting to another. Attend events sponsored by local professional organizations so you have the opportunity to serve on professional committees. Serving in this capacity will help you demonstrate your knowledge and skills to other people in your field, making it more likely you will see results from your efforts.

2. Prepare yourself for conversations with industry leaders. Before you attend a networking event, spend time reading about recent events in your industry. Taking the time to learn about topical issues will give you the information you need to ask intelligent questions and join conversations with other experts. If someone brings up a topic you do not know much about, spend a few minutes listening before you interpose your opinion.

3. Practice a short introduction about yourself before you attend an event. This is one of the oldest networking ideas, but it is one many people forget about when preparing to network with others. Sharing too much information with a potential connection can be off-putting, so condense your background into an introduction lasting no more than sixty seconds. Tell potential contacts your career goal, give some information about your professional background, and be prepared to explain how your background prepares you for new opportunities. Share the most recent information instead of giving information about things you did five or ten years ago.

Following tried-and-true networking tips will make it easier to establish relationships and demonstrate your expertise, but you must spend time preparing for each event. By preparing for events, you'll be more confident, knowledgeable--and more likely to make a strong connection that will get you results later.


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  • Alia Fulwood
    Alia Fulwood
    Your article is quite informative, but where and how does one engage in networking? Your response will be quite appreciated. Thank you. Sincerely, Philip Lennon
    Good stuff!
  • Elias Khair
    Elias Khair
    Excellent tips.. Many thanksI love networking and work the room events..
  • Steven Schlueter
    Steven Schlueter
    Good read.  Can always use a good pep talk prior to the hunt.  Networking - don't share too much and give a 60 second time limit to yourself.  I'd bet that applies well to interview topics as well. As a child I learned to speak while living  in New York.  Big challenge for me is knowing when and if I am talking too fast!

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