4 Ways to Think About Your Job Search Differently

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Finding a job is more than just trying to land a new position with a company. It's about expanding your horizons, meeting new people and facing new challenges in your professional life. Check out four ways to think of your job search differently to have a better chance at success.

1. Help Others

Humanity lives in a collective culture where knowledge is given away for free. Think about Wikipedia entries that experts in certain fields create and edit, or open source coding like WordPress where programmers can come in and make it more efficient. These sources of information run vast and deep because enough people believe in their abilities to help others with their knowledge. In the same way, you can tap into LinkedIn during your job search to help others by posting blogs, becoming involved in communities and talking to like-minded business professionals. Some of these people you connect with could lead to a job opportunity.

Another way is to leverage social media by joining groups on Twitter and Facebook. Individuals in social media groups specifically created to help people look for a job can help you solve your job search challenges because they have a different perspective compared to yours. These people are perfectly willing to help you in your quest.

2. Teamwork

Businesses succeed because individuals work in teams, and your job search works in the same way. Expand your network and build your team through in-person networking. Meet people at networking events sponsored by local employers, professional organizations and colleges. Get to know business owners, hiring managers and recruiters at these events. Offer to help them solve a problem, and people in your network will return the favor at some point to put you in touch with someone who can hire you.

3. Share Knowledge

Share your expertise with others and become a trusted member of your community. Write or speak about what you know and offer insights into your profession. Start blogging on your professional portfolio website and add your voice to the comments of other people's blogs. Write an ebook and post it to Amazon to give it away for free. Sharing your industry knowledge lets others tap into your expertise, and you develop a following that comes to rely on your information. These people can enhance your job search by alerting you to new opportunities.

4. Learn New Things

Never stop learning new things, even when your search drags on and on. Discover different ways to find a job, such as through networking, freelancing or learning a new skill, to expand your horizons and increase your opportunities. As you look for the right kinds of opportunities, you may need to refresh your skills to become more relevant and valuable to the current needs of employers. Plus, learning new things adds to your expertise as you share knowledge with others on LinkedIn, with your network and among social media groups.

Your job search doesn't happen alone. Continue to be social and tap into other people's knowledge while sharing your own experiences. These four ways to reach out to others and keep your networking skills fresh offer a way to expand your opportunities when looking for a job.

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article posted by Nicholas Long
article posted by Nicholas Long

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