4 Inexcusable Blunders You Should Never Commit in Your Job Search

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When putting together your customer service job search strategy, you must keep in mind how you want to be perceived. Many times without realizing it, individuals looking for a job will sabotage their efforts by doing or saying things that create a negative impression of who they really are and, as we have all heard, “an employer’s perception of you is their reality.”

With the plethora of suggestions telling you what to do to make your job search pay off, here are four things you should never do. First, create an unprofessional sounding email address. Email addresses like hornytoad, beerdude, or goodfornuthin might be humorous to your friends and family, but do nothing to create a professional image for you. A good formula for creating your email address for your job search is: Yourname@gmail.com.

Second, have a voicemail that uses a sarcastic voice to say these words, “Ain’t here now, bye,” or having your child’s voice that goes like this, “we can’t come to phone now, we outside playin,” will do nothing to build confidence in your potential employer. To avoid creating this kind of impression, take the time to rehearse your voice mail in your own voice and record it so it sounds succinct and professional. A good test for how good your voice mail sounds is to have your business friends review it and offer their suggestions.

Another fatal mistake is not to customize your resume. Many times people get lazy in their job search and send out the same resume with the same job objectives paragraph at the top. It comes across very bland and uninteresting. Don’t let this happen to you. Take the time to research the language of the job listing. Take some of the relevant keywords that you find in the job description, and use them in the sections of your job objectives and in your past work experiences. By speaking the language of your potential employer, you are taking an important step in connecting with their work culture. People like to hire people like themselves. You want to keep your individuality, but assimilate some of the thought patterns of the company for which you want to work.

Finally the last inexcusable blunder is not proof-reading your cover letter and resume. Some job seekers think that a quick reading of their information is all that is necessary before they send it out. They don’t take the time to have at least one other person read it for grammatical and punctuation errors. Your potential hiring manager will immediately form a vivid impression of you based on how well your resume and cover letter have been written. If it presents itself as poorly written or is plagued with spelling or spacing errors, you have taken two steps toward eliminating yourself from being considered for an interview.

To prevent this from happening to you, have a friend and a business person review your resume and cover letter. I urge you to be open minded to their suggestions and make double sure your information is flawless.

By avoiding these 4 deadly blunders in your job search, you are increasing your chances for getting the interview that could lead to the job you really want.

Tom Borg is a consultant in leadership management, team building and customer service. Please see more of his blogs at csjobsblog.com and businessworkforceblog.com To view additional job postings at Nexxt

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