5 Questions Every Hiring Manager Should Be Asking Candidates in The Job Interview

Mariana Toledo
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There are plenty of articles out there that help you answer all the basic interview questions. But what about the other side of the desk? The answer to the questions is just as important as the actual questions themselves. But...how do you steer away from asking the same mundane questions? Here are five questions that can help you navigate through the gruesome interviewing process.

1. What are your greatest weaknesses?

No one actually wants to spew their greatest weaknesses. The answers to this question typically range from boasting about being a perfectionist or accidentally revealing a red flag. If done right, the interviewee can sandwich their response to show vulnerability but also accountability for their mistakes, which are good qualities to have.

2. Why do you want this job?
Regardless of the occupation, no hiring manager wants to hear “because I need money.” This question reveals their true intentions and if answered correctly, can reveal if they did any prior research on the company. If they did, they would include some aspects of the company they like and want to be a part of.

3. Why should we hire you?
Cliche questions usually come with cliche answers, though if answered thoughtfully, it can guide you to see what type of person they are. This is the moment the candidate has time to brag about themselves and why you should pick them over the other 12 people waiting for their interview. This is linked to the prior question, because it reveals the candidate’s true intentions and their eagerness to work with your company.

4. Why did you leave your previous job?
This is the perfect question to catch those red flags. This question can lead to why they won’t be a fit for this job or why they might leave this job if offered. Are they bad mouthing their previous employer? Red flag. Are they moaning and groaning? Red flag. Their answer should circle back to them and not the employer.

5. How many golf balls can fit in a school bus?
...What? I know. This is a weird question. But weird questions get the gears turning! If you ask your interviewee a question they haven’t prepared for, you are more likely to gauge how they think and problem solve. Here are 15 even weirder interview questions to reference for the future.

So, here are five of my favorite interview questions. Most of them are cliches, but if you’re looking for the right answers, you’ll be more engaged in the interviewing process. The candidates’ answers will probably lead to more in-depth questions, which will make for a great interview.


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