5 Ways to Actually Impress Your Boss

Emily McKinney
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The days of sucking up to impress the boss are long gone. If you’ve ever seen the popular TV show The Office, you know that when Andy Bernard first starts in Scranton, he tries using name repetition and faking similar interests to win favor with boss, Michael Scott. It works for about a day, then Michael quickly becomes annoyed by Andy. So, instead of name repetition and faking similar interests, try these 5 surefire ways to impress your boss for real.

1.  Stay on Top of Things

Keep a running list of what you’re working on and future projects that have been mentioned to you. Forgetting about something you were supposed to follow up on or missing a deadline because you forgot about a project is a quick way to lose favor. So, keep track of what’s going on. Your boss will appreciate being able to count on you. Bonus points if you provide your boss with updates before he or she has to ask you for one.

2.  Quality Over Quantity

It’s not about the number of hours you work, but rather the amount (and quality) of work you get done. Make sure you’re working in the smartest way possible. Getting things done quickly while also retaining quality is sure to impress your boss. Just make sure you are not sacrificing quality to beat deadlines. That’ll bring you right back to square one.

3.  Don’t Go Silent

This is good advice to use with any of your colleagues, especially your boss. When someone sends you a request, just answer with a quick “I saw your email, I’ll start working on that,” just so the person (your boss) knows you received their message. Making your boss worry you missed an assignment because you glossed over the email is not going to build their confidence in you. A quick confirmation email goes a long way.

4.  Let Your Ideas Shine

That is, as long as they’re actually well thought-out. The key here is not to throw any old idea out there in a desperate attempt to impress, rather, present practical ideas that can solve the problem. Even better, present ideas that would fix something before it becomes a major problem. If you notice that a process can be improved, bring your thought-out solution to your boss. This will show that you’re thinking about the greater good of the company and that you’re also very observant.

5.  Sharing Isn’t Caring

Social media has instilled this idea in us that people care about every detail of our lives. Sure, your grandma might care about the details of your stomach flu, but that doesn’t mean your boss will. Make sure you maintain boundaries – only talk about appropriate things with your boss. Don’t mention your bad day, your hangover, or anything that could taint your professional image.

So, there you have it – the 5 things you can do to actually impress your boss. Not as difficult as you thought, right? By generally doing your job well, going above and beyond every once in a while, and keeping it professional, your boss will surely think of you in a good light.


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