5 Things to Consider if You’re Thinking About Returning to Your Previous Company

Nicholas Long
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Like most people, you probably left your previous job to find something better. However, the new job isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be, the grass isn't always greener and now you’re wondering if you should return to your old position.

Here are some things to consider that will help you decide whether or not you should return to your previous company.

1. Skills acquired
The job market can change significantly throughout people’s careers along with the skills you learn and develop. If your employer didn’t provide opportunities to expand your skills, they may be interested in having you back after you’ve learned new skills elsewhere. That being said, you should also consider whether it’s worth it to return. You could continue growing and developing your skills elsewhere, or go back to an old stomping ground and put what you have recently learned into use.

2. The reason you left
Evaluate why you left and if the pro’s of returning outweigh the cons. If the new job isn’t what it’s cracked up to be and your previous experience wasn’t a bad one, it may be beneficial for you to return. 

3. Career development
Can you see your career developing at your previous company? Does it provide growth opportunities? With any new job there is a period of adjustment and stress. Try to figure out whether your discontent was just part of the natural process of adjusting or if the new job really wasn’t the right fit for you. Evaluate whether or not you can see yourself with the new company long term and see yourself learning and developing new skills in your role. 

4. The team
Do you miss the team? How well did your team work together? Perhaps the folks you didn’t prefer to work with have left since you’ve been there and those people you truly like working with are wanting to welcome you back. A good team is important for any company to do well. Returning to the job now might provide a way better experience with the right people around.

5. General evaluation
What do YOU want? Do you want to go back to your previous job? Or do you feel like you would thrive more in another place? Depending on the values your old company evangelizes, the experience you had with your coworkers, and whether or not you could see career development for yourself in your previous role, going back to your job may (or may not) be the right answer. It’s up to you ultimately to decide if you want to try again or if you would like to pursue another job elsewhere.

It’s confusing thinking about going back to your old job, especially after you’ve already left it. After evaluating yourself, with your wants and needs and values, you will be able to determine whether or not you should return to your former company. 


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  • Carol C.
    Carol C.

    I moved because of Covid.. I was in Gillette and they all wanted me to come back home/ South Dakota.

  • tom P.
    tom P.

    I just got layed off but I need to wait 6 months before I go back to my old job but I want to work somewhere else at that company not my old job

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