6 Tips for Networking for Extroverts

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As an extrovert, you love connecting with other people in any situation. Talking comes easily to you, so networking as an extrovert probably comes more easily than it does for introverts. Consider these six tips for extroverts who network, and take this art form to a new level as you grow your career.

1. Make the Other Person Comfortable

Extroverts who network must learn to put the other person at ease when talking to a contact. Break the ice by clearing the air and saying something like, "This feels a bit out of my element." This makes the other person feel better because your contact may be awkward when it comes to conversations with total strangers. Once you both acknowledge you feel the same way, it forms a connection point to start talking.

2. Stay Focused

You have to stay focused on the person in front of you. Extroverts who network may tend to check out social situations going on elsewhere in the room because outgoing people tend to gravitate toward so-called "oddball" social stimuli. When something interesting happens in another part of the room, you might shift your attention to that conversation. Make an impression on the person with whom you're talking to first before leaving that conversation to talk to another person.

3. Ask Questions

Ask open-ended questions to get the other person to talk. Extroverts who network need to avoid talking too much and start listening to other people. Consider questions such as, "How can I help you with your issue?" This gets the other person interested in the topic and gives you a chance to get contact information and maintain contact following your initial conversation. Ask how the person came into his line of work because it gives you tips about how you can leverage your contact into a job.

4. Show Conscientiousness

One factor that extroverts must turn into an advantage is showing conscientiousness. Rather than saying you're great at a particular skill, remember an important aspect of your conversation and bring it up later. This does a few things. It makes you more memorable to the person, and it gives the other party a chance to recall your initial contact point.

5. Seek a Variety of People

Go outside of your comfort zone and seek a variety of people with whom to speak. You might seek out other extroverts who network, but don't limit yourself to the most outgoing people. The worst thing that happens is you lose a few minutes of conversation. At best, you pick up a valuable contact who has a lot to offer.

6. Refrain From Overwhelming Introverts

Not everyone who networks is as sociable as you. Introverts may see your bubbly personality as off-putting. Pay attention to how the other person reacts to your conversation to gauge how to proceed with a conversation.

Extroverts who network have no problem talking to others. The overall theme among these six tips is to make the conversation about the other person and not necessarily about you. This makes the other person more comfortable, and it's easier to remember you.

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