6 Steps to Becoming a Paranormal Investigator

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You’ve seen the movies, you’ve watched the shows and you think you’ve found your calling. But what does it really entail to become a paranormal investigator? There’s more to it than owning a a closet full of black clothes and knowing “who you gonna call.”


The most important thing required to become a paranormal investigator is you need to believe in ghosts. Some skeptics work in the field but to be successful it helps to have faith that ethereal beings exist. Most churches wouldn’t want a pastor who doesn’t believe in God working for them so who would want to hire a ghost hunter that doesn’t believe in ghosts.


  1. Research – Start studying all types of unexplainable phenomenon beyond watching reruns of the X-Files.  Dig up any info you can on ghosts, poltergeists, UFO sightings and any other kind of paranormal activity. Get a sense of the basics and learn the lingo involved in the investigation.
  2. Socialize – Step out of your own imagination and start attending ghostly gatherings and paranormal parties. Mingle with likeminded people and meet experts in the field by joining a local club and attending conventions whenever you can.
  3. Education – Time to take a class or two. Several institutions offer online instruction in paranormal research and investigation. Courses can range from $30-100 or more. You’ll get a better return on your investment the more effort you put into your classes.
  4. Certification – Illustrating step by step techniques and methods in information gathering, in-seat certification courses explore a variety of structures, strategies and situations. Advanced Paranormal Investigator Certificate programs offer a more hands on approach to instruction. The result is the opportunity to organize an investigation from beginning to end. From interviewing eyewitnesses and historians, to setting up equipment and processing data then culminating in a 1,500 word report.
  5. Equipment – If you’re serious about investigation you will have to invest in the tools of the trade. At a bare minimum you’ll need a camera, a voice recorder, organizational and note-taking supplies as well as an EMF detector; a meter that registers disturbances in electric and magnetic fields.
  6. Experience – After you are properly equipped it’s time to put your theoretical training to the test. Visit some well knows spooky spots and see what you can find. Interview family and friends about their experiences with the unexplainable. Offer to apprentice with an established investigator and study their approach as well.


After all of that you can call yourself a paranormal investigator but it’s still just a hobby until you get a job. The options are to join a team or go into business for yourself.


Truth be told most paranormal investigators never make it past amateur status. The general consensus in the field is if you want to make money as a Paranormal Investigator be prepared to write a book. 


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