6 Top Interviewing Skills

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The purpose of a job interview is to discuss your skills and experience with potential employers. If you don't provide information that's in line with what the company is looking for, you could be wasting your time. Learn how to develop these six interviewing skills so you can increase your chances of obtaining a job offer and impressing hiring managers from the moment you walk into the office.

1. Avoid Stalling

Although you may need time to gather your thoughts when answering interview questions, avoid stalling during the job interview. Instead, think out loud to showcase your confidence. By relaying your thought process, you are showing the hiring manager how you break down information and communicate professionally with others.

2. Ask for Clarification

If you don't completely understand what the interviewer is asking for, inquire more about the question to ensure your response is on target. For example, if the question is complex, rephrase it to acquire confirmation from the hiring manager before offering an answer during the job interview.

3. Pay Close Attention to Your Nonverbal Communication

You are communicating so much more with what you don't say versus what you do say during a job interview. Pay close attention to your body language to avoid any confusion. Make strong eye contact when responding to interview questions and avoid fidgeting with your hair. It's also best to eliminate any distracting accessories from your wardrobe, such as jewelry or scarves that you may be prone to adjust.

4. Be a Storyteller

Offer specific examples to illustrate your skills and experience when meeting with potential employers. For instance, if you worked on a team and acquired a large account or customer, discuss the process and your actions that led to the achievement. Hiring managers like to hear not only what you achieved, but how you achieved these accomplishments.

5. Know Your Resume Inside and Out

Prepare for your job interview by studying your resume. Hiring managers expect you to expand upon this information and you must know the information thoroughly in order to do just that. Be ready to highlight your skills and offer examples of how you utilize these skills in the industry.

6. Showcase Your Knowledge of the Company

Do your homework before meeting with prospective employers. Research the company's products and services, mission and goals and overall company culture. Use this information to ask questions once the interview comes to a close to further impress hiring managers.

You have only once chance to show that you are the best candidate for the job. Fully prepare for a job interview by putting your best foot forward, researching the company and highlighting your skills in engaging ways to increase your opportunities and impress potential employers.

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