7 Steps to Quit Your Job With Dignity

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Making the decision to quit your job is not an easy one. However, it is inevitable the day will come when you need to turn in a resignation letter. Before leaving a company, take these seven steps to ensure you are leaving on good terms, as well as leaving the door open for a potential return.

1. Act With Dignity

Avoid leaving on bad terms by taking a moral ground when you quit your job. Refrain from speaking negatively about the company or supervisors before or after your departure. Ensure your professional reputation is intact and keep the possibility open to perhaps return to the company in the future.

2. Limit Your Job Search

It is likely your company is monitoring your productivity once you give notice that you plan to quit your job. Avoid conducting your job search during company time or by using your company email. Conduct your search on your own time and with your personal accounts instead.

3. Weigh the Pros and Cons

Evaluate the benefits of leaving your current position before you submit a resignation letter. Although the grass may appear to be greener at another company, investigate the reality of this claim. Contact members of your professional network to discuss potential opportunities, and ask specific questions to identify the culture and operational procedures at competing companies before making a final decision.

4. Meet With Your Employer

Allow your employer to address any concerns you have with the company before resigning. Be honest about your intentions of leaving and the reasons why you are seeking employment elsewhere. You may find your employer is able to resolve any issues you have with your current position and improve the working conditions to keep you on board.

5. Stay True to Your Word

Avoid pushing the button to quit your job until you honor your commitments to your present employer. Assess your employment contract or ongoing projects, and fulfill these duties before you resign. Employees who leave the company in a bind often leave with a damaged reputation that makes it less likely an employer offers a positive referral or recommendation.

6. Maintain Confidentiality

Honor any confidential agreements acquired during your employment, and avoid sharing proprietary information with competitors or a company you are interested in working for in the future. Breaking a confidential agreement not only taints your professional image but could also lead to a lawsuit.

7. Leave Independently

Even if your current workplace is one of the worst places to work, avoid leading the pack when deciding to quit your job. Do not bring others with you or spread information about better opportunities with co-workers.

The decision to quit your job is a serious one and requires ample consideration. Leave on good terms to ensure your professional reputation is positive and one that deserves a recommendation.

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