8 Signs It's Time to Move On

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Making a job change isn’t a decision to take lightly. When you’re grappling with the choice to leave an employer behind for a new one or stick it out for a little while longer, step back and analyze the situation. Consider these eight signs that it’s time to move on before finding a new position.

1. You Dont Feel Appreciated

If you’re working hard and meeting goals without any recognition for your accomplishments, it may be time to move on to an employer that appreciates your efforts. A simple “thank you” or “nice work” from time to time lets you know your hard work is appreciated.

2. Theres No Room for Advancement

Nobody wants to be stuck in the same position throughout their entire career. If there’s no room for growth, promotion or new responsibilities in your current position, it's time to move on to a position that challenges you and offers opportunities to climb the corporate ladder.

3. You Don't Care

Do you dress sloppily for work and put in minimal effort? If you’re feeling burnt out and have no passion for the position, start scanning the job boards. Once you stop caring about what you do at work, your appearance and attitude reflect it.

4. You Dont Like Your Co-Workers

If your work environment is hostile, you're dealing with annoying office mates or you're just not making connections with people at work, it's time to look for an organization where you feel more comfortable. Strive to find a company with positive workers and a great culture where you can thrive.

5. You Dread Going to Work

If you're ready to go home before you even show up to the office, it may be time to move on to something that leaves you feeling fulfilled and excited to start the work day. Eight-hour days feel even longer when you're bored and don't feel challenged by your duties.

6. Youre Under Too Much Stress

Are you crumbling under the pressure of meeting impossible deadlines? Do you spend hours at home complaining about your co-workers, boss or company policies? If you're stressed out on a daily basis, it's time to dust off that resume.

7. You Dream of Something Different

It takes time and hard work to reach your career goals, and some jobs are just stepping stones to your dream job. If you feel stuck in your current position and don't think it's leading you on the right path, move on to a job that better aligns with where you want to be.

8. Youre Not Satisfied With the Perks

Salary isn't everything. If you're not satisfied with the perks offered by your employer, including health insurance, childcare, bonuses, vacation time and flexible work hours, explore the packages offered by other organizations.

If you can relate to these eight signs that it’s time to move on, take the necessary steps to do so. Network with professionals in the industry, send your resume to prospective employers and seek out training opportunities that help you hone your skills in preparation for a better opportunity.

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  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    @Timothy L thanks for your comment. It's rough to make a living on the road for sure. Especially with a company who is all talk and no action. I would have parted ways also. I hope you landed a great job!!! Employers just don't realize the stress of being a road warrior. If they had to pay their dues, the same as you were doing, and have to be on the road 90% of the time, then they wouldn't have treated you with such disrespect and disdain. Anyone else experience what Timothy has experienced? Tell us your story.

  • Timothy L.
    Timothy L.

    I recently walked away from a job that required me to be on the road 10 months out of the year. At first it was ok, seeing places in this country most will never get the chance to, but I was home every other week. Then it was every three weeks, then a month. All the while the boss kept making promising bonus for this and that and he would never deliver. The company refused to hire new employees to pick up the ever increasing work load. I was driving a company vehicle that had over 300000 thousand miles and needed constant repairs with the money coming out of my pocket. Living in hotels that had to be within a vet low budget,($70 Or less) and a $20 A day per diem. Try working within those parameters in Cali. The stress was over the top! Finally realized I was going to die on the road if I didn't make a change now!

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