A Few Things to Help Move the Hiring Process Forward

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The hiring process may take longer than you anticipate, and when waiting on a job offer, it can be excruciating playing along with the waiting game. You can speed up the process if your professional brand is intact, making you an irresistible candidate that employers can't wait to hire. Polish your brand with these tips to move your application materials forward through the process.

Show You Are Different

Your professional brand is what makes you stand out from other job applicants. Make a name for yourself by establishing yourself as an expert in the field. Volunteer to speak at networking events to share your knowledge, network with other professionals within your field, and build an online presence to enhance your connections and solidify your area of expertise.

Remain Consistent

Employers scour through social media profiles when evaluating candidates. Showcase your skills and talents with a consistent professional brand across all platforms. Spend time evaluating the effectiveness of your LinkedIn profile and cater your online resume to highlight your experience in the field. Share posts on a regular basis that signal you value forward thinking, and put your professional brand on display on your website with a clear mission and goal statement. An irresistible job candidate often prompts employers to speed up the hiring process to avoid losing out on quality talent.

Let Your Creativity Shine

Innovation is essential in any field. Highlight your innovative ideas when building your professional brand by showcasing sample work or a list of achievements. Provide specific details about deadlines met, clients served and successful teams you have been a part of in previous positions. When crafting a cover letter, detail how you can impact the business in a creative manner. Let your creativity and your eagerness shine through within your application materials but also within your communication methods with potential employers. Instead of sending a template or generic letter or follow-up email, take a unique approach that displays your creativity and willingness to embrace innovation to speed up the process.

Build a Blog

Share your expertise with other professionals in the field to develop your brand. Offer to write articles or blogs for industry platforms and create your own blog to share tips and advice with people in your industry to establish yourself as an expert in the field. Stay on top of relevant and new research and findings within your field and expand upon strategies that lead to success. Consistent content that is valuable helps to showcase your skills and willingness to stay on top of the latest trends.

It's no secret the job market is competitive and how you sell your skills and experience matters. Your professional brand is at the heart of who you are as a future employee. Spend ample time during the job search crafting your brand and catering your skills to the industry to encourage employers to act quickly to get you on their team.

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