Acronym of Advice for Unemployment

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Unemployment is afflicting people across the country. It’s easy to get depressed or disheartened striving to re-enter the workforce especially after a long-term absence. Keep your chin up and the following advice in mind as you set out to find a new opportunity.


Understand that your job or lack thereof does not define you. Instead, it is how you react to the situation and choose to move forward that will be a testament to your character.


Never give up on your dreams. This is the best time to revisit some that you gave up along the way or discover the ones you never knew you had.


Emphasize the positives in your life and focus on finding your way to the next opportunity that is waiting for you.


Make plans to stay busy and keep yourself connected with a network of people that could lead to your next position.


Pray or meditate every day. Simply sit silently and ask God, Buddha or the universe to open the door to your destiny. Relinquishing control will help you relax.


Look for signs and not just the ones that say “Help Wanted.” Trust your gut to tell you if something is right for you.


Open your mind to new adventures. One small step outside of your comfort zone is usually where you will find success.


Yell and punch a pillow if you start to feel stressed out or overwhelmed. To express your feelings without hurting anyone else’s, release your rage on an inanimate object targeting your concerns guilt free in an adrenaline rush.


Motivate yourself with smaller goals and rewards for achievement along the way. Celebrate when you attend your 5th job fair or submit your 50th resume.


Expect obstacles to enter your path. Your personal journey through unemployment is bound to be a bumpy one so don’t assume that it will be a short trip with smooth sailing. Do your best to plan for the surprises that pop up along the way and don’t be dissuaded by a detour.


No one compares to you. Have confidence in your abilities and don’t get caught up in sizing up the competition.  Your experience in unemployment is unique and might not line up with other people’s results.


Take feedback constructively and fix criticisms creatively. Listen objectively to advice that is offered; you don’t have to follow everyone’s recommendations to the letter. Put your own spin on solutions that other people offer for a better chance at success.


Despite the difficulty of dealing with unemployment, the experience will leave you stronger in the end. Find a support network and seek help if you don’t feel like you can deal with the day to day necessities in life. Make up your own motivational acronym and share it in the comments below.


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