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Chances are good that you may have remote interviews during your career. That's because chat and video technology have reached the point that virtually every desktop, laptop, mobile device and tablet have some kind of embedded audio and video hardware in them. Messaging systems that tap into this hardware are usually free of charge, and employers use video interviews to save money. Check out the best technology for these types of interviews.


WebEx is a quick and easy tool to set up video conference calls and remote interviews. It's popular among large corporations, and it's relatively easy to set up a call through the WebEx dashboard. All companies have to do is send an email to the invitee, and the candidate gets the contact information of the person conducting the interview.


Like WebEx, GoToMeeting has an easy-to-use dashboard and an intuitive interface. The instructions are simple enough to follow if you don't already have this software on your computer. Plus, you can share screens to show the other party what's going on with your computer. You can share proposals, portfolios and documents as part of the interview.


Skype is Microsoft's ubiquitous video chat software, and it's a popular choice because it's been around for so long. Being on a Skype call is as simple as creating a user name and Skype account, which is easy to do since most Microsoft computers have Skype already uploaded as a software choice.

Other Software

Companies may use other video chat services, such as Google Hangouts and Zoom, for their remote interviews. The choice is up to the employer, but it's important that you find out the software each company uses as soon as possible.

Why You Should Know These Three Tools for Remote Interviews

First, do a run-through of the hardware needed to make these interviews a success. Use one of these services with a friend to ensure your audio and video work just fine, and that your internet connection can handle the load of a live video. If you conduct the interview through a mobile device, find a location that has a robust wireless connection for your phone or tablet so the call doesn't cut out suddenly.

Understand how to use these tools on your device. Go through the bells and whistles of each software, where the buttons are on each dashboard, and how to turn the software on and off. Take the service for a test drive to see how it works over a 30-minute period on your computer or mobile device.

The sooner you know which of these tools an employer uses, the better. That way, you have more time to practice, get in a groove, and set up your computer or mobile device to optimize your remote interviews. You must rehearse ahead of time, both with regards to the interview itself and the technical aspects of it, to prevent tech glitches, snafus and confusion.

Remote interviews are more and more common, especially since companies want to save time and money by filtering candidates ahead of in-person interviews. Once you get to know the best technology for video interviews, the process should be easier and less stressful as you prepare for your face time.

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  • Toni M.
    Toni M.

    I thank you too.

  • Harry M.
    Harry M.

    fortunely thank you

  • Karen W.
    Karen W.

    I had to borrow a camera and get someone to set it up for me. The company did not hire me, but had the nerve to steal some of the copyrighted material I had written!

  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    @Arnold S thanks for your comment. That's so great! Congrats on the new position. How did it feel to interview via FaceTime? Did it feel like a regular in-person interview or did you feel like you were more on the spot? Let us know.

  • Arnold S.
    Arnold S.

    I had an interview last week on FaceTime. I treated it as if it was live in person. I put on a suit. I prepped up on the company and how they found me. Which resume etc. I got the job.

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