Are You Saying These 7 Things in Your Interviews?

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When preparing for a job interview, it helps to anticipate some common interview questions and think about how you could answer them. Consider the important information you want to convey to the hiring manager to ensure that you outshine the other candidates. List your strengths, and work them into a few easy phrases to show off your skills. Consider saying these seven things.

1. "I Have the Experience You're Looking For"

During your job interview, be sure to explain what previous jobs you held that gave you job experience that directly relates to the position for which you're applying. Describe any significant accomplishments that are relevant, such as sales records you beat or training classes you completed.

2. "I'm Eager to Learn"

While you may have a lot of experience under your belt, you don't know everything. Let the hiring manager know that you're excited to learn and easy to teach. Explain your ability to pick up on new computer systems or office procedures quickly, and discuss how you require minimal supervision to complete your job duties.

3. "I'm Flexible"

The job interview is a great time to let a potential employer know that you adapt well to changing work environments. Hiring managers want employees who can multitask and deal with a fast-paced environment. Explain a previous situation when you went above and beyond to make sure the company reached its goals.

4. "I Appreciate Receiving Feedback"

Employers want workers who can handle constructive criticism and use it to their advantage. During the job interview, ask how often the organization conducts performance reviews and how feedback is communicated to employees. Talk about your desire and willingness to learn from your mistakes.

5. "I'm Familiar With Your Company's Operations"

Let the hiring manager know that you did you research before the job interview. Get familiar with the company's products and services, company culture, clients, and competitors. This shows that you're really interested in the position. Explain how your skills can bring value to the organization and help the company reach its goals.

6. "I'm a Loyal Employee"

Let the potential employer know that you're a respectful employee who takes your job seriously and shows loyalty to the organization. One way to do this is by making sure you avoid saying anything negative about a current or previous supervisor or employer.

7. "I'm a Team Player"

The hiring manager wants to choose a candidate who fits in well with the company culture. Explain how you are cooperative, foster positive relationships with co-workers and maintain a positive attitude. Explain a time when you worked with a group to reach a common goal.

All companies prefer candidates with a basic set of skills that make for a great employee, as well as more specific qualifications for the position. By saying these seven things during a job interview, you demonstrate to the hiring manager why you're the best candidate for the job.

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