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Millennials continue to dominate the workforce, landing many of the top-level positions from which baby boomers retired. These younger organizational leaders don't want to see the same dull, boring resume format that's been around for years. To grab the attention of millennial recruiters, your resume must be more than corporate jargon and bullet points that list your skills. Use these five tips to create a dynamic resume that grabs the attention of millennial managers.

1. Start a Career-Based Journal

Journaling is the perfect activity for career-driven individuals. It not only helps you to become more self-aware, but it also provides a space for you to record your specific job experiences, accomplishments and the ideas you plan to implement at some point in your career. If you keep a career journal, you'll never have trouble coming up with job scenarios or measurable achievements to include on your resume or cover letter.

2. Discuss Your Career With Close Friends

Your close friends know you better than anyone else. Use that to your advantage by talking to them about your career. If you're slacking off or not reaching your full potential, your friends will let you know. They'll also let you know if you possess some outstanding qualities that would bring value to any workplace. Include these positive attributes as strengths on your resume.

3. Determine What You're Good At and What You Enjoy

It's important to love your career, and it's always best if your career involves activities you thoroughly enjoy. What do you have a passion for that you're really good at doing? If money wasn't a factor, what would you be doing? If you're able to answer these questions, search for a position that allows you to explore this passion or build on it. That passion will come through on your resume.

4. Determine Your Ideal Job

It's also important to visualize your ideal job. What exactly does your dream job look like? What problems do you intend to solve for the employer? How will you help the company grow? Make sure to tailor your answers to these questions to each specific employer on your resume and cover letter.

5. Explain Why You're Qualified

The qualities that set you apart from other applicants should be clear to your employer, so your resume should explain why you're the perfect candidate for the job. Add information about past experiences that made a huge impact with previous employers. Include measurable data and actual numbers on your resume. For example, describe how you signed on 20 new clients who helped boost a company's bottom line by 35 percent. Don't hesitate to brag about your accomplishments, as this is the key to making a big impact with employers.

Following these five tips can help you reflect on your career and decide the exact direction for moving forward. Once you have clear career goals, include information about your projected career path in your resume and cover letter. No two candidates have the same exact goals, experiences or career trajectory, which is why this type of resume helps you stand out.

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article posted by Staff Editor in Career Advice
article posted by Staff Editor in Career Advice

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