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When seeking a job in education, you must prepare for the most common interview questions as well as questions that revolve around your teaching philosophy, experience in the classroom and approach with students. Prepare for your next job interview with confidence by rehearsing responses to these common questions used primarily for educators.

1. Why Do You Want to Be a Teacher?

Prior to the job interview, evaluate your reasons for choosing the education field to answer one of the most common interview questions asked of educators. Draw from your inspiration to enter the field. Were you influenced by a teacher as a student? Do you have a need to better the lives of young children? Do you feel like you can make an impact on the lives of others? Do your best to provide an answer that is heartfelt to impress the school's administrative team.

2. What Are Your Greatest Strengths as an Educator?

School administrators want to know what you do well. However, they also want to hear about specific examples that illustrate your skills. Offer responses to this interview question that emphasize how you use your strengths. For example, if you can manage a classroom with ease, provide examples of instances when you faced an unruly class, and describe how you were able to transform the classroom into an effective learning space.

3. What Types of Research or Reading Materials Impact Your Teaching Style?

As an educator, you need to stay on top of the latest approaches in the classroom. Your answer to this interview question helps school administrators and hiring managers determine if you actively put effort into learning about the philosophies of teaching. Prepare for the interview when seeking jobs in education by reviewing research from well-known educators or leaders in the educational field. Cite examples of teaching styles that influence your approach in the classroom. Providing specific examples of leaders in education helps you make a connection with the interviewer and shows that you are well-versed in educational psychology and pedagogy.

4. Why Should We Choose You For Our Students?

Show that you take a student-centered approach to teaching when answering this interview question. Reveal that you have researched the student body, the surrounding community and the school itself by detailing what you know and offering input about what the students need to achieve success. Outline teaching strategies that could help improve test scores or encourage students to make learning a priority.

Highlight your innovative teaching strategies and commitment to excellence when answering interview questions for educator positions. School districts want to see your creativity and your knowledge base from the moment you walk in the door. Put your best foot forward by preparing your teaching philosophy and citing specific examples of your success working in education.

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