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Candidates preparing for a job interview often focus on how to answer interview questions. While this is a solid practice, paying close attention to your body language, hygiene and professional demeanor is also crucial. Learn how to succeed when meeting with hiring managers by putting in the time and effort well before you walk into the company's front door.

Research the Company

Show that you are prepared and enthusiastic about working for the company by researching the firm thoroughly before your job interview. Perform an online search to identify the firm's mission statement, values and goals, and research the company's product and service line. Investigate significant accomplishments of the company that you can discuss during your meeting with the employer, and determine ways that your skills can further assist the firm's success. Identify ways that your experience can positively impact the company and contribute to the long-term success you learned about while researching the organization.

Be On Time

Timeliness is extremely important, but when you arrive at least 10 to 15 minutes before a job interview, it shows that you are eager and professional. Even if you have to wait in the lobby until your assigned interview time, know that employers take note of candidates who are early, because it indicates that this behavior is routine and likely to continue once you join the team.

Showcase Your Confidence

It is common to feel nervous or even jittery during a job interview, but you must let your confidence override your nervousness. Offer a firm handshake when meeting the potential employer, and smile often. Detail your skills, experience and qualifications with confidence, and use statements such as "I am proficient in XYZ" versus "I think I will do a good job."

Evaluate Your Body Language

How you present yourself during a job interview matters, and your body language often speaks louder than your words. Eliminate any accessories or jewelry that may cause you to fidget, and pay close attention to how you sit. Maintain good posture, and make sure your hair is pushed away from your face. Candidates with professional appearances and mannerisms often find it easier to maintain a professional demeanor.

Ask Questions

Candidates commonly rehearse responses to interview questions during interview preparation; however, you also need to prepare some questions to ask the employer. Use your research to compile questions that dig into the company culture or mission, and find ways to further discuss your qualifications and accomplishments when asking questions at the end of the meeting. For example, pose questions about how the company plans to expand or further market its products and services to show that you are well versed in the overall operations.

How you present yourself can make or break your professional opportunities. Make sure you're prepared for job interviews, arrive early and focus your responses on your professional history and future goals with the company.

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