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Any business that has customers needs staff to provide customer service. That means that there are many customer service jobs available for people who have the skills and the interest in taking on this often demanding position. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that growth in customer service jobs is expected to be in line with the national average, and that there are customer service jobs available in numerous and varied industries.

Finding customer service jobs is a lot like any other type of job search. Candidates must learn about the available positions and match open positions to their current skills and abilities. However, this type of job search is hard for many people, especially recent college graduates. A recent national survey notes that many college students are unprepared for the reality of the job hunt, and that includes new graduates looking for customer service jobs.

People who want to pursue jobs in customer service first need to determine where they best fit in to the job market. An entry-level customer service job, for example, often only requires a bachelor's degree and does not require additional training. People of all ages often take on entry-level customer service jobs, working in call centers to provide service to people who need help. It is a great way to get started in the customer service field.

More advanced customer service jobs often require specialized training and may require management experience. These jobs are for people who want to make a career out of customer service and devote their lives to helping customers. This type of career is often very rewarding.

Once a job candidate identifies how his or her skills and abilities match up to available customer service jobs, the next step is to prepare a job application that highlights those skills. The interview is also a key part of determining whether a job candidate will be successful in a customer service position; people working in customer service must have a positive attitude and be willing to engage with customers to solve problems.

Customer service jobs are found in nearly every industry. As the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics notes, the two industries that offer the largest number of customer service jobs are Business Support Services and Agencies, Brokerages and Other Insurance Related Activities. Telecommunications and cable companies also offer many customer service jobs to qualified candidates. There are customer service opportunities in information technology, retail, higher education and many other industries as well.

As a general rule, if a business has customers, it has a customer service department. Finding where the customer service jobs are located is relatively easy. Getting hired in a customer service position is a matter of matching skills and abilities to an available job and using the application and interview process to demonstrate expertise in working with customers.

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