Do's and Don'ts for Your Job Hunting

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Whether you're seeking a full-time permanent position, a part-time job or an internship, the steps you take to secure employment depend heavily on your preparation. From writing a stellar resume and cover letter to connecting with members of your professional network, your job hunting strategies matter. Learn how to effectively improve your job search with these do's and don'ts.

Do: Determine Your Goals

Know what you want to do professionally before launching your job hunting tasks. Spend some time evaluating your preferences and the attributes of companies you are applying for each day. Candidates who are positive about the industry and field they want to enter are more likely to find professional happiness while on the job.

Don't: Limit Yourself to One Search Method

The job search requires that you vary your strategies. Avoid relying on one online search application or limiting yourself to just one search method when looking for job leads. Job hunting strategies should be varied so you are able to find the most diverse opportunities that fit your preferences.

Do: Polish Your Application Materials

Your resume and cover letter are two of the most important elements of your job search. Polish these documents so they are error free, and accurately and professionally communicate your skills, experience and goals. Avoid using templates or generic form letters when applying for positions. Always personalize your documents to show you're eager and prepared when job hunting.

Don't: Miss Networking Opportunities

Many applicants view networking as a social endeavor. However, professional networking is not just for fun. Use these opportunities to connect with employees currently working in your field or at a desired company. While you can have some fun at networking events, stay focused on communicating your desire to work in the industry and sharing your skills and qualifications.

Do: Utilize Job Search Engines

Simplify your job search by setting up online job search engines so leads come directly to you daily. Specify your criteria and avoid lowering the bar when designating your preferences. Scour through the latest jobs and identify areas of your skill set that need improvement so you can further focus on your professional development when job hunting.

Don't: Show Up Unprepared

When you do secure a job interview, be prepared before greeting the employer. Spend time researching the company's product and service line, mission, goals and employee base. Arm yourself with information to use during the interview to show you've put forth the time and effort necessary to be prepared.

Preparation is key when it comes to your job search. Use your time wisely when job hunting by researching potential companies, connecting with your industry's network and polishing your application materials. Prepared candidates have the potential to unlock opportunities when they adhere to these do's and don'ts.

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article posted by Staff Editor
article posted by Staff Editor

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