Five Traits Employers are Looking for in Admins

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When you are applying for a position, it is important to understand the administrative assistant skills that potential employers want in a candidate. It is essential that your resume highlights very specific skills. This will help draw potential employers' attention to your resume and may provide you with a better chance of obtaining a position.

Strong Writing and Math Skills

As you pursue a career in administrative work, highlight your business writing skills, as well as any mathematics courses you have taken, especially those that are relevant to the position you are pursuing. Make sure your resume demonstrates these essential administrative assistant skills, so your employer knows that you are capable of these basic, but important, tasks.


Another item in this list of important office manager skills is organization. Whether you are scheduling appointments, making phone calls or handling billing, it is important to highlight these administrative assistant skills. If possible, provide specific information on your resume to show that you are a dedicated, organized professional.

Excellent Social Skills

One of the most important administrative assistant skills to demonstrate is clear, concise communication. If you obtain the position, you will be speaking with clients, business contacts and vendors on a daily basis. Your potential employer will want to see evidence that you can conduct yourself politely and professionally.


Administrative assistants and office managers typically handle numerous tasks throughout the day. Spend some time showcasing evidence of your productivity, task management skills and ability to complete tasks and achieve goals. These office manager skills will help you catch the attention of potential employers and may help you achieve the position you desire. If possible, add figures or statistics to your resume to show ways you were able to effectively manage tasks, complete projects or assist other staff members in the past.

Necessary Experience and Expertise

Employers may be looking for a specific skill set for their administrative position. If there are specific administrative assistant skills listed in the advertisement, such as an ability to work with specialized software programs, be available for specific hours or possess numerous years of experience, list these qualifications on your resume. The absence of experience or expertise that the employer considers essential may mean that you do not receive a call back. If you have the skills, take the time to highlight them.

To obtain an administrative position, it is important to spend some time tailoring your resume to showcase the skills desired by potential employers. If you have a degree, advanced administrative training or extensive experience with specific office systems or computer programs, add them to your resume as well. These details help potential employers evaluate your administrative assistant skills thoroughly and provide them with crucial information.


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