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Efficiency is important for administrative professionals at all levels, but it is especially important when you are job hunting. Searching for jobs, filling out applications, and following up with potential employers takes a great deal of time and effort, but it is possible to streamline the process by using efficient systems to identify job opportunities and track your results. If you are job hunting, follow these tips for increased efficiency.

Although the November jobs report showed a decline in the unemployment rate, some people are having a hard time finding jobs with wages comparable to those offered by their current employers. The best way to improve your chances of finding a job is to get organized before you begin your search. If you are always searching for stamps, envelopes, and other supplies, you will have less time to focus on writing an attention-getting cover letter or filling out application forms. Before you start job hunting, organize your desk by shredding unnecessary papers and stocking up on supplies. Make sure you have plenty of copies of your résumé ready to go, so you don't have to stop and print a copy every time you send out a new application.

Make finding jobs a little easier by setting yourself up for success from the very beginning. Create computer folders related to job hunting so you have a place to store all of your cover letters and employment documents. Save the URLs of your favorite job search sites to avoid the effort of typing them into your address bar every time you want to look for a job. Create Google alerts so you are notified every time a potential employer announces job openings or other company news.

Using social media and job board aggregators will also make finding job opportunities less of a chore. Set up your social media accounts before you start job hunting so you do not have to waste time creating profiles and requesting connections during your job search. Use built-in search tools to find the accounts of potential employers in your area. If you follow these accounts, you may see administrative job listings before they are published on other sites. Job board aggregators collect the job postings published on several websites, so save time by using two or three aggregators instead of visiting five or ten different job boards each day.

Finding the right job takes time, but it is possible to increase your efficiency and spend less time searching for jobs and responding to employment advertisements. Organize your desk with new stationery supplies for applying quickly to new job opportunities. Save your favorite sites in your browser so you can access them quickly. Use job board aggregators to save time when searching for jobs in your area. Improving your efficiency will make job hunting a more positive experience and make it more likely you will find a job to match your skills.


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