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The primary goal of compiling a professional resume is to display your skills and qualifications, but as a job applicant, you also need to capture attention and show the company why you are the best candidate. Create a document that puts your application materials and cover letter at the top of the pile so you can impress hiring managers and acquire more interviews.

Target Keywords

Use the company's job description and advertisement to your advantage when writing your professional resume. Scan through the company's post to identify common keywords or industry jargon used, and include these words in your application materials. Companies, especially those using online applicant tracking systems, rely on keywords to identify qualified candidates. If you use the right words, your application may be ranked higher, which could improve your chances of landing an interview. Also, learn all about common software or hardware applications used within your field, and highlight your proficiency using these applications to further capture interest.

Spruce Up Your Opening

Engage the hiring manager right away with an objective statement that is well-written and interesting. Provide a summary of your experience at the start of your professional resume, and cater your skills to the skills the firm is seeking. Highlight accomplishments, sales goals met, client acquisitions and awards or recognition you received while working in the industry. The introduction of your cover letter should also capture attention right away. Remember that most hiring managers spend approximately 14 seconds scanning your application materials. You need to make a good impression instantly. Stimulate interest with your most impressive skills and accomplishments so the employer can quickly see that you are the right candidate to call in for an interview.

Customize Your Materials

Even if you don't have all of the skills desired by the company, spotlight the skills you do have by customizing your professional resume to the job. Show that you are familiar with the databases or methods used within the industry, and outline how your skills make you the best candidate for the position. For example, if you worked primarily in customer service but seek leadership position, focus on how you have delegated tasks, managed client accounts or led group projects to let the employer know you have what it takes to lead a team. Avoid including information that is irrelevant to the position, and stray from using generic templates when writing your professional resume. Hiring managers can easily spot a general resume that does not offer specific details about a position. In order to increase your chance of getting interviews, you must stand out from other applicants.

While it may be difficult to predict what prompts hiring managers to call in applicants for an interview, a professional resume that is catered to the position and includes industry keywords increases your chance of success. Show that you're perfect for the specific role by focusing on skills and experiences that transfer into the new position seamlessly.

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