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If your career is at a standstill and you're stuck in a job rut, the mere thought of getting up and going to work each day might frustrate you. Perhaps you haven't received a promotion or raise in years, or you perform the same tedious tasks each day. Whatever the case, it's definitely time for a change. Follow these three tips to get out of that rut and give your career a much-needed boost.

1. Decide What You Want

First, it's important to visualize your ideal job. Do you prefer a strict, regimented work environment or one that's fairly laid back? Do you want a job that allows you to express your creative side? Is a flexible work schedule a top priority? How important is pay and career advancement? These are just some of the questions you should ask yourself when determining the type of job or company that suits you best. If you can find a position that offers most of the items on your list, you'll likely be happy with your career.

2. Focus On Yourself First

It's common for dedicated workers to focus on the needs of their company or boss before their own needs. Maybe you haven't taken a vacation in years because your boss can't bear the thought of anyone else doing your job. Or maybe your boss won't promote you because you're thriving in your current position, and you refuse to do anything about it. If you keep putting your boss first, you'll end up in a rut and might even start to resent your boss. If you're unhappy, speak up. Talk to your boss about the things you need in a career. A great boss will take the conversation seriously and make strides to help your career become more satisfying. If your boss could care less about your needs, it might be time to find a new employer.

3. Tap Into Your Network

If you're stuck in a rut, you probably focus solely on your job and company and have no clue about the new and exciting things happening within your industry. Reach out to individuals in your career network to learn about what's going on outside of your company, as these professionals might be the key to advancing your career. Attend industry events, and remain active on industry-related social media websites. This is a great way to learn about the exciting opportunities available with other companies and connect with individuals who can refer you to new positions.

If you're stuck in a job rut and completely dissatisfied with your current career trajectory, it's time to take action. Follow these steps to begin the process of altering your career path, and be proactive throughout the process to ensure you end up in a fulfilling career that meets most if not all of your needs.

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  • Glen V.
    Glen V.

    When this project is completed nexxt year and they lay everything off,I'll be back,thanks,I'm in all of the online job search site and I have found that nexxt was first one I was logged into,glancing at the others occasionally,within 2 weeks on site teaneck nj,only regret that I would have seen you sooner,thanks again

  • Oksana H.
    Oksana H.

    One thing to seriously think about, no job is secure. Be prepared by up keeping your resume. If you have been with the company for years, you may not remember all you have learned or accomplished. Move forward. Don't get stuck in a rut.

  • Oksana H.
    Oksana H.

    Wonderful advice. This is so very true getting so wrapped up in excelling in your position to have your boss be organized and ready for everything.

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