How to Cope With The Midweek Slump

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For many of us, the beginning of the week is the time when we are the most motivated and the most productive. Wednesday, however, is when things start going downhill. It's the mid-week slump, and we've all fallen victim to it.


How you cope with this slump will make the difference between just counting the minutes until the weekend or gathering steam to make Thursday and Friday even more productive. According to a recent article at Fast Company, there are several ways to get over the "hump day" and re-energize your week.


Change how you deal with Wednesdays – Instead of thinking about Wednesday as a day to struggle through, think of it as a chance to take a little break, catch your breath and refocus on your goals. When planned properly, Wednesday is a great mid-way point and the perfect day to touch base with others and get motivated.


Take a break – If you struggle with the mid-week slump, plan a lunch meeting or a career building activity. Schedule in a break for yourself and use the time to do things that make you feel enthusiastic.


Focus on other career building activities – If you are looking for a job or trying to get to the next level in your career, use your Wednesday afternoons for career building activities like networking, going on informational interviews or having a catch up meeting with colleagues. It might seem like you're being lazy, but these activities are a great way to get a new burst of energy.


Put a sticker on your calendar – Sometimes, it's the little things we do that can make the biggest difference. Try putting a silly sticker on your calender every Wednesday. It's a small thing, but every time you check your schedule, you'll smile a little and it's that small little change that will keep you feeling enthusiastic.


What do you do on Wednesday? Do you find that you lose motivation by the end of the week? Please share your thoughts and tips in the comments.


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  • Melissa Kennedy
    Melissa Kennedy
    @Sonja, thanks for the comment. I'm working hard to combat my mid-week slump too. I'm thinking of trying yoga. Let me know if your Wednesdays get better!
  • Sonja D
    Sonja D
    This is a great article on the mid-week slump, and one that we are all aware of but just haven't acknowledged as being an issue (at least I haven't).  And the suggestions are excellent!  I will now definitely be more pro-active on Wednesdays!

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