How to Get a Job as a Personal Assistant

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Working as a personal assistant is very rewarding. Although the job requirements vary from position to position, most personal assistants perform a variety of tasks each day. Job duties for personal assistants include anything from running errands and making travel arrangements to sorting files and returning emails. Consequently, personal assistants must be organized and learn new tasks quickly. If becoming a personal assistant is your dream job, use the following strategies.

Since many personal assistants are hired by executives, it is essential to know how to perform a variety of office skills. If you do not have any clerical experience, take a college course to learn about the most common computer programs or gain experience by becoming an office assistant. Working at a temp agency is the best way to gain experience with a variety of tasks. This kind of experience also shows that you have the ability to adapt to different work environments and a history of learning new tasks quickly. Once you have office experience on your resume, your chances of landing a personal assistant job increases greatly.

Aside from gaining the necessary job experience to become a personal assistant, you need to customize your resume and cover letter to increase your odds of getting an interview. Start updating your resume by adding keywords that employers look for when hiring a personal assistant. First, highlight your ability to multitask and learn new tasks quickly. Personal assistants are often required to complete a range of different duties on a daily basis, so these are qualities many employers look for. In addition, include information regarding your ability to organize, communicate effectively and work independently when needed. Above all else, your resume must reflect a high level of professionalism.

When you are ready to start your job search, begin by asking friends, family members and acquaintances if they know someone who needs a personal assistant. It's always best to get a personal recommendation for a personal assistant job. Also, browse job boards that list all of the latest personal assistant job openings. If you know the companies you would prefer to work for, send them your resume even if you find that no positions are available at that time. When you target a specific company, always add information about the company, such as the company's culture or mission statement, to show that you have done your research. Being well-versed about a company makes your resume stand out.

Working as a personal assistant requires diverse knowledge and a variety of skills. Although it takes time to develop the right qualifications to become a personal assistant, it is well worth the effort. Follow each of these steps to increase your odds of getting your dream job.


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