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During the interview, you don’t just get to learn more about the company and position, but you also get to sell yourself as the best fit for the role. To make your job a little simpler, here are a few easy things you can do to help seal the deal.

Of course, nothing will outshine your experience, but answering questions confidently and consistently will definitely help. Try to come up with answers to common questions like “tell me about yourself” ahead of time. Think of an answer that will set you apart instead of just reciting your work and education history.  

Another thing that will help these answers come across well is body language and eye contact. For eye contact, don’t stare at the ground or desk the whole time, but also don’t stare into your interviewer’s soul. Make the same amount of eye contact that you would with a friend or acquaintance. Keep your body language open and friendly. Smile when appropriate, or nod to show interest. Also, master your handshake. You want to be nicely in the middle between a dead fish and a death grip.

The last thing you can do to sell yourself to the recruiter/interviewer is dress to impress. We all like to believe that no one judges a book by its cover, but the truth is, your outfit is a big part of your first impression. When picking your outfit for the interview, the rule of thumb is to dress a few levels above the office dress code. For example, if the office is business casual, wear dress pants and a button-up shirt or blouse. If the dress code is business professional, a full suit is a must. If you don’t know the office dress code, always stick with a suit to be safe.

By following these tips, you can create a lasting impression on the recruiter. With great answers, friendly body language, and an appropriate outfit, you’ll be sure to seal the deal and land the job of your dreams.



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  • angela b.
    angela b.

    all comments are very helpful

  • Julian H.
    Julian H.

    Of course, dress to impress. Key is think outside the box looking at both parties and being prepared.

  • Evelyn M.
    Evelyn M.

    I agree with you I will have to dress the part and have a resume

  • mary h.
    mary h.

    I absolutely need to critique or have a more professional input, perhaps (resume etiquette. ) will assist with opening

  • mary h.
    mary h.

    absolutely agree, my issue is Getting to the interview stage

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