Improve Your Job Search With These Quick Resume Tweaks

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Errors on your professional resume can drastically decrease your opportunities as a job seeker. Even just one error can cause a hiring manager to dismiss your application. Improve your application materials with just a few tweaks that can help put your document on the top of the list for potential hires throughout your job search.

Remove Fluff and Filler

Your professional resume should be a concise document free of any filler or fluffy wording. Comb through your document carefully, and remove any wordy phrases that do not concisely detail your skills and qualifications. Only showcase job duties and accomplishments that are relevant to the industry or can be perceived as transferable skills. When possible, combine bullet points to allow more room for your skills.

Update the Format

If you're still sending out the same style of professional resume you did years ago, it's time for an update. Employers want candidates who keep up with industry trends. Look into design options that are appropriate for your field, and if you're putting together a job portfolio, add charts and relevant images to make the documents in your portfolio more interesting and visually appealing. Visual appeal is important, especially if you're applying for positions in creative industries. Focus on readability as well by using standard fonts that are easy to read.

Use Professional Contact Information

Secure an email address that includes your full name, if possible. An informal email address made up of the year you were born or a nickname portrays a less-than-professional image. In addition, use your cell phone as your contact phone versus a home phone number to ensure you can receive messages and respond to them as quickly as possible. Be ready at any moment to answer inquiries about your professional resume throughout your job search.

Eliminate Undergraduate Accomplishments

Unless you are fresh out of college, employers generally do not put much weight on GPA or college awards. Remove this information from your professional resume so you have more space to detail your most recent and relevant skills, qualifications and work history.

Modify Your Social Media Accounts

Once you have finalized your application materials, update your social media profiles to reflect the most recent information. For example, copy your resume and information from your cover letter to your LinkedIn profile. Many employers search online before scanning your materials, so it's imperative to update outdated information. Continue to update your profiles as your positions change or your skills advance, even while employed.

Just a few tweaks to your professional resume and other application materials can have a significant impact on your professional opportunities. Employers seek candidates who put forth the effort to not only present themselves professionally, but also keep the skills and knowledge sections on their professional resumes updated. Show that you are prepared and on top of industry trends by producing impressive job application materials.

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