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Lauren Krause
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Improving customer service is vital for any company that regularly deals with the public. Whether you're selling services or retail goods, the way your customer service reps treat customers dramatically impacts your company's ability to develop a loyal customer base and to get good word of mouth. Here are five key tips to help you improve your customer service immediately.

Keep a Positive Tone

If customer service reps send the nonverbal message that they're confident and happy with their jobs, customers pick up on it and feel more confident about conducting business with your company. Have your phone reps smile as they answer the phone, and consider reviewing recordings of phone conversations and providing constructive feedback to representatives who don't consistently use an upbeat tone of voice.

Listen to Customers

Train your customer service reps to listen to customers before they provide solutions or even ask questions. The better they listen, the better they'll be at understanding what your customers really need, which makes it easier for them to provide more immediate solutions to problems.

Make a Personal Connection

Some customers feel more secure when they have an opportunity to work with the same person each time they patronize your business. Rather than passing a customer around from one department to the next, streamline your customer service team so that one representative sees a customer's concern through from beginning to end. If possible, have agents record a customer's phone number at the top of a customer service call, and have your customer service representative give out a direct number or extension to the customer.

Speak Clearly

Customers sometimes become aggravated when speaking to a phone rep who speaks softly or is difficult to understand. Work against this tendency by making sure your phone reps speak clearly in a pleasant-sounding voice. Give phone reps a little training to help them keep their vocal pitch low and comfortable to listen to, and train them to speak slowly so that those who have trouble hearing over the phone can understand everything they're saying.

Be Knowledgeable

The customer counts on the customer service reps to know everything about every product. While this may not always be possible, make sure your reps have instant access to the knowledge they need. Train them to be honest when they don't know an answer, and make sure they get the customer's phone number so they can call back if finding the right answer may take a bit of time.

Your customer service reps directly impact your relationship with your customers. If you want to see improvements in your customer service, make sure you provide your reps with the training and support they need to do their jobs well. When your customer service reps are happy, your customers are happy as well, which is always good for your bottom line.


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