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When you think about a job interview, you likely envision dressing professionally, bringing multiple copies of your resume, and answering a slew of questions about your skills, strengths, weaknesses and experience. When it comes time to interview for a creative position, this may not be the case. Consider these five tips to show your creativity at the next job interview you attend.

1. Ace the Introduction

At the start of your job interview, the hiring manager is likely to ask the inevitable, age-old question: "What can you tell us about yourself?" Rather than rambling on about your educational background, job experience and top skills, get creative with your response. Begin with your favorite quote and relate it to your outlook on life, or tell the interview panelists what they might find if they typed your name into Google. For example, you might say "I just searched my name this morning, and I found multiple sites that state I'm a reputable marketing director with a passion for photography and a love of Italian cuisine."

2. Show Off Your Portfolio

Rather than bringing fresh copies of your resume, bring your portfolio to every creative job interview. If you're a writer, include samples of your stories, blog posts or marketing copy. For graphic design jobs, provide several samples of logos or advertisements. Be prepared to tell the story behind your work. Explain the strategy that led you to the finished piece.

3. Create a Unified Brand

If you want to bring a resume to a creative job interview, opt for a unique format. Design an infographic resume, or create a video biography. Treat your job interview like a marketing pitch, and create a brand that shines through in your work, resume and responses to the hiring manager's questions.

4. Tell a Unique Story

Don't just go on and on about your previous positions or learned skills. Instead, tell a story that demonstrates your personality and makes you memorable to the hiring manager. Start by listing your passions, jot down the reasons you want to work in the desired industry. Next, write out your job skills. Think of a story from your past that connects all of these ideas to dazzle your audience.

5. Ask Uncommon Questions

When the hiring manager gives you the opportunity to ask questions, forget the usual, cliché questions that other candidates ask. Come up with some creative questions, such as "Why should I work here?" or "What are the organization's biggest obstacles?"

When it's time to apply for a position as a content writer, advertising executive or graphic designer, old job interview rules no longer apply. These types of jobs require you to show your creativity during the job interview, so use these five tips to help you stand out from the crowd.

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