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In today’s hectic world where we feel as though we’re constantly connected, even when we don’t want to be, finding a job with a good work/life balance has become a top priority for job seekers. It can be difficult to pinpoint which jobs actually offer this, so here’s a handy list of jobs (or types of jobs) that do:

  1. Anything online. Remote work or work that can mostly be done online is frequently listed as an excellent source of work/life balance. That’s because it can be done from anywhere and often offers a more flexible working schedule. Jobs that can often be done online or partially online are jobs that work in data analyzing, content creation, SEO, UX, and consulting. Many companies hiring will include in their job advertisements that they have flexible hours or work from home hours as a benefit, as well as gym memberships, pet friendly offices and other things that enhance your personal life.
  2. Teaching can be a good source of work/life balance. It is incredibly demanding and requires planning (teachers are awesome!), but in many scenarios, you have time off in the summer and for holiday breaks. Another option is substitute teaching so that you’re not working full-time.
  3. Jobs in tech. Writing code is huge. Or, being a DevOps or software engineer or anything in between can offer a huge financial payout and still leave you with free time to actually live your life. These jobs also offer flexibility in that you can change your course of work based on client needs.
  4. Recruiting. Headhunters and recruiters are considered to be an example of the best work/life balance as they make a high salary and their work is often left behind at the office. This style of work can range from mid-level recruiting to c-level in which you’re recruiting people to the tops of businesses.



When looking at work/life balance, you have to be realistic. If it is a major priority for you, then being an ER Surgeon might not be the career path for you. Nowadays, companies are bending over backwards to meet the millennial standard of living for more than your job, and you can do research online into companies to see what the work/life balance would be. Then you can make your money and have fun spending it, too!






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